Heartless vs. Magz

Tons of metaphors in this battle!

Round 1


So it’s Magz and Heartless

A lot of ya’ll thought this match-up was going to be a wrap before it actually started

That I wouldn’t be able to keep up or match-up bars with even half of Heart’s shit

Well that’s retarded, cause what ya’ll consider to be greatness, I consider average garbage

Like when you spit get ya some aladdin dog shit, bet his brain fled on the magic carpet

But see, I didn’t even want that Heart so I called out Marcus, to go bar-for-bar and spa like Spartans,

I didn’t start this far to be a barred by Heart’s shit, I came with a sharp and shawled for a calved out carcass

This a barred out market and you’re all barred out Marcus

And the truth is you’re not the same Heart that started

SMACK put you on twice, what does call those Heart’s stench and even Daylyt knows how marked out Marc is

You are what you are, bitch

And Heart’s a pansy, a little Daddy’s boy

As a kid, he got all the candy

That little bitch voice you got, it’s far from manly

So who the real shooter on ya block? Cause Marc Camby

Ya’ll some fairies thinkin' you got cans to bang

You’ll get the force to your back like Danny Ainge

This white boy, airing trees

You get scared away

That ratchet come with a long nose like Sarah Jane

Oh you don’t know who that is? It’s cause fam you’re gay
I showed you a picture of Kaymo’s ass and you ran away

So here’s the thing

I got the scope for long distance Heartz, that thing attached to the toy like a Christmas card

I catch you walkin’, blow

You get ripped apart, no Disney game when I send you to God’s kingdom Heartz


Milky Magz, I don’t know, maybe he though that it sound scary

But out of all names I can’t believe that he chose Milky, how dairy

How the fuck did you come up with that?

With that name, why would anyone believe that you’re dumping gats?

Come on Milk, if you’ve pulled on a cow why would you need an udder then?

Why do you even fuckin' Rap? You don’t pose a threat

He said he got a 38 with a snub nose he a loaded next

But if ya’ll are waitin' for him to go pull and squeeze that nose, don’t hold your breath

Nah fuck that, that’s jumpin’ off the deep end anyway

For the nutty bars he gonna have to pay day for that blinky spray

Even if he snicker, bullets will hit everythin' but a finger if I let this musket tear milky way

He thought his bitch was safe, but I don’t care if his chick is in a ride, I’m still cliqin' with a nine

Even if he have half a gallon in there, I still pull milk carton

He’ll get his mug shot, it’ll be missin' on the side now

Now did ya’ll listen to that rhyme?

I said half a gallon, milk carton, mug shot, missin' on the side

Now this gettin' to his pride, cause this is life for me and he the only one tryna

Bodies keep poppin’ up, but they the only ones cryin’

Ya’ll gonna think this is an inside joke, you know why? Cause they gonna be the only ones dyin’

Round 2


So he wanna call me Milky Magz but its funny cause I thought he would

And it’s also funny because this milk does your fuckin’ Mommy good

So truthfully I wanted this battle to upper my shine

But the real reason I’m here is to put you up in the sky

Yo what was the time? Man it must be 8:58 cause the off hand is 2 minutes away from touchin’ the 9

I ain’t fuckin' around so imma talk to you man-to-man

This battle right here is another body in the caravan

I’ll give this son the business with a tommy and the cal in hand

No, I said I’ll give this son the business like I’m Tommy Callahan

I take 10 shots of Jack just as soon as I wake up

You ain’t the King of Queens fat boy, you a fake fuck

You say you got bars on deck, well I’m keepin' that ace tucked

So when I pull Heartz cards, then his face will look straight flushed

So shape up, you an undergrad

Shotty in the duffle bag

Plastic like a playboy, you ain’t really touchin' Magz

You don’t get dough, you sniff blow and it’s fuckin' sad

And you don’t get hoes because you shout like your fuckin' Dad

Oh wait, what was that?

His Dad Shane McBride, you know the actor?

I mean I don’t want to force the subject, but he’s a movie stars son

Illz, how did you afford the budget? That shit baffles me

But whatever it costs to fuck it, you can tell Sha, he’s got his little boy bust in public

I got all or nothin’ so I’m makin' a deep promise

To rip every opponent I face and reap homage

I’ll have him facin' the trigger like read dollars

When I pick up these two techs quicker than Rasheed Wallace


I got a ’45 with a long barrel I’ll blame it beside you

Then get rid of the body where they’ll never find you

I’ll Jackson then get rid of the big nose like Janet and Michael

Cause if they singing to the judges, I give everybody a shot like American Idol

But all my sons wild, anybody can tell them that

We turn up like a vegetable, shit they should even let us Rap

Now I’m all about my money, my chicken, that cheddar stack

When it comes to the cream cheese, well we like bagels, we bread for that

Nigga I start letting gats because squeezing ain’t nothing

Think it’s a game till that toy start cooking like an easy bake oven

But if you lactose, how the fuck are you Milky Magz?

When it pop you better step brother like we had different Dads

This Taurus that I got you won’t find in a cab

You said I’m XXL so what are you? Home and garden? In other words we way too different Magz

Now you more tender with the beef, sort of like when the pot roast cook

So I don’t want to hear these kid’s stories, so when you see that pop up, book

He won’t make it far, especially if I blast trays

Try to run like a parachute like behind you like a drag race

Now on conclusion, if I see this man again he better be holding still

So if not, I put my hands around his neck, see how his throat will feel

After about 10 minutes, maybe that’s overkill, well I don’t know about that

But one thing I do know is that Illz is definitely going to have to edit that choke for real

Round 3



So he’s in a crew called SONS, and honestly that’s a mess cause some of them hate each other’s guts but they haven’t met

I mean these babies be on Facebook making all these passive threats

So imma put these SONS under bars like bassinets

I’m stabbing next,

Get your wigiddy’s clapped to death, like Das Efx

If these hands connect you’ll be spinning for Big Tyme like Mannie Fresh

I’m the canvas stretched

No workout when I say I got that hammer strength

So trust me man these punches land you’ll be in the dungeon fam like Trans Express

He demands respect, but you just way too fruity Heart

I mean put your Dad over to get the belt, I mean but at least it leaves Louis marks

How you gon’ let the uzi spark when that shit wrapped in a Gucci scarf?

You got a fuckin’ stick on beauty mark and a 20% off Juicy card

So who’s in charge, Illz?

And why did it take me this long to wait for a challenge bro? You got a white this time so let’s make it a habit

When it comes to hands I ain’t tryna shake with this faggot, I’m tryna give Heart the palm to make him a salad

You say that you have it but you ain’t really wasting the K Heart

And it’s mostly for the fact that your voice is so gay Heart

Oh are you in the Jungle? Is that where you stay Heart?

Well you can’t battle the Wiz or Ill Will when you ain’t really Brave Heart

Hey yo, I got a question, are ya’ll fans of McBride?

With them skinny jeans is that how you carry McBride?

I’m airing this nine

That’s how you bury McBride

Keep bussin’ keep bussin’ keep bussin’

That’s how you Danny McBride


Soon as this bitch heard the kid rap, I hit that

All it took was 4 bars to break her off this chocolate like a Kit Kat

I’m who is Chicken Select after she stripped to the breast and he thought he was some Big Mac

But that bitch is a known slut

He don’t care he like, “So what?”

She keep callin’ me and callin’ me like, “Heartless, when are we gon’ fuck?”

It felt like the end of Law Abiding Citizen how my cell was getting blown up

You got muscles? Well so what

Shit when we ride out

I bring goons to this guy’s house

Now we trapped, we got this white kid cornin’ like time out

I put a nigga at every exit, make sure he can’t get up out it

Ya’ll seen Something About Mary?

Well once I put my dog on the roof, forget about it

Or think about Friday

I’ll send bricks through his window for tryna’ get it poppin’

My gun get fired like Craig on his day off, but he’ll be the one still in boxes

I’ll run in his bathroom, give him nothin’ but headshots

When I start dumpin’ and sprayin’ right in front of him like Craig’s Pops

But I’m not tryna get high with you when I roll up on your porch

I’m tryna dump in ya crib, so when you hear me bangin’ loud, it’ll be Smokey at ya door

Nigga don’t make me go to the car, I keep a long nose in the trunk like an elephant

So how many shots should I give him? Well let’s say 10

I’ll send you right where the devil is

Well fuck it, let’s handle it like men and use our fists to settle this

I give his chin a big check

I guarantee I’ll lump sum like a settlement