B Magic vs. Ill Will

Punchlines and flow versus aggression and performance, who will prevail?

Round 1

B Magic

Ill Will, the 106 & Park man

Slash the regular trash 106 & Park nigga

Magic’s ya killer with this 32

Imma star sinner so if it’s beef is a wrap like a tortilla

Midget with an attitude I got a short temper

Either you get jaw bender or I paw print ya

You better wear a vest to the ring like Dolph Ziggler or get the metal round Will like a coffinger

I’m from the hood, you call it the Slum Slum

But never been that broke to dump guns for hun buns

But for the [unclear] niggas where I come from niggas will choke you up for them jewels you better run son

It’s too late to pack them up once I plug Will

You doubt that?

Let’s see if this pussy nigga about that

Take dawg out for this shit, that’s a house pet

Send bad niggas in ya crib that’s a houseguest

[crowd noise]…if feeling out some kind of trouble, all of this aggression, I assume that your not a punk

D.C. sniper shit

Got lil’ niggas poppin’ trunks, hit the switch and lift Will up with this hydraulic pump

[crowd noise]…if I give him 8 bet his chin will break

[unclear]…that’s a triple play

You choke against The Rock, SMACK who is this nigga?

Triple H, nigga prey

Or you can get your whole cap Crystal Lake

Whoever helped write for Will help him write his will

You like for real


You the nigga that bore me, I turn around and let it fly on any nigga that saw me

Shawn Carter with this glock, I’m still spittin’ at 40

In the car you fucked…[unclear]

Suck a dick

You got these people thinking you’re fuckin’ sick, I guess you on some other shit

40 got a rubber grip

I pillowcases all over his face, imma smother shit

Real nigga, I got leaders that’ll follow you

You’ll wake up buried in a box like Gothika

Come to me and see the heat rise like thermometers

I’m a star with this blue flag like Somalia

I will body ya and another hater

[crowd noise] pull off in the peanut butter…[unclear]

I send him to his maker

Magic even hit the neighbors just to get my point across like the ending of a prayer

Hit em with the fifth, get it if you trip

Book Will like there’s unpaid tickets on the whip

Like it’s unpaid tickets on the whip

I’m ridiculous with this shit

Magic like the 9 spit

Give Will the chrome and I ain’t tryna get my ride pimped

See some niggas don’t know it’s drama till the gun fire

I just call it how I see it, I’m the umpire

I’m in ya hood nigga hoping that I run by ya

And Pontiac with the 5th like I’m a drunk driver

Big dusty ass nigga

Tell him calm down before I bomb that nigga

Another conceited reject I got a palm

That nigga slow it down, you speed it up, we got a Cognac nigga

I say pour out some liquor for him, he ain’t get the picture

The tall can open up with that 5th liquor

I got my killer I don’t play by the shells…[unclear]

Like Saved By The Bell

Ill Will

Shut yo punch line bitch ass up

I mean we all like punch lines but it ain’t that often we need that shit

That’s why niggas want you to go battle Lil Mamma, I mean Conceited, shit

But it’s Ill Will in this bitch, listen here

When I run up on Magic I got something that’ll make him disappear

Ya’ll ain’t feeling that?

That wasn’t hot shit?

Then why the fuck was ya’ll gassin’ to Don Demarco and Roc shit?

He another Kerr

I’m sick as fuck, he bitchin’ up

I run upon him and his mans with that pistol tucked like give it up!

Is you just talkin’ that dope or is you holdin’ that brick or what?

When that steel blow that’s a double deal though, both of you bitches fall

They say Ill, when you see Magic you gotta do him rough

I say man, he gon’ catch all these clips like a movie buff

When the Yak nigga ask you what’s the problem, do not answer

You can catch all these cigs till you got cancer

Big things shootin’ out big dummies like Lamont Sanford

Fella please, quit tellin’ these people you committin’ felonies and you hella deep

You just talk about that war, you Tel Aviv

I hit this big bitch with that big can like Della Reese

Now bring it back cause he say he the big dawg but he hardly bite

He talk gun bussin’ but he hardly fight, but my army strike

So when that black thing stu-stu stutter it ain’t the boxer tryna hail a cab on a Harlem night

Somebody spittin’ that dope bring that spoon here

Comfortable anywhere keep them goons near

Went from PG to BET to Summer Madness 3

What are these top tiers doing here?

It’s ironic cause it’s wintertime but I’m just heatin’ up since June’s here

Attackin’ with the mack

Once I blast him it’s a wrap

3 shots will get betrayed like I stabbed him in the back

Magic ain’t dumpin’ no fuckin’ heat, he a fuckin’ geek

He got ya’ll so fooled till I run in the crib with that bird he won’t come out the room like Uncle Pete

But as far as these niggas, they incredible

No, they not incredible

They got an incredible trait to be incredibly fake

But my credibility alone let’s you niggas know my credit is great

Fuck it, let’s really go punch-for-punch, we can make it go viral

I will bring pain to your idol

I ain’t like none of you niggas, I’m just takin’ yo title

He ain’t slingin’ shit

Last time we seen Magic with a bird was game 7 of the ’84 finals

But me and my niggas, connected like Italians

So let this newby know

I had that thing pointing at his head like Coolio

Knock out his brains like the tooly though

They’ll see Magic everywhere

They won’t know if it’s a crime scene or a David Blaine studio

You think I give a fuck who he hang with?

Or question do he spray clips

I watched the fat faggot nigga son you in the Lou

Yo movement ain’t shit

Ya’ll a bunch of crime fighters on bowel movements

Ya’ll on some super gay shit

But as far as my niggas we’ll make a mess with this shit

I tell them clean it up, the disinfectin’ shit

I don’t respect ya clique

Me and my niggas vestin’ shit

Still crawlin’ through rice fields that’ll send bullets encryption like hidden messengers

I thought I was gon’ choke nigga

What you do to a nigga that punch line? Rope-a-dope nigga

Round 2

B Magic

You the nigga that be talkin’…[crowd noise]

No DNA against…[crowd noise]

I pull out that Christopher Wallace that’s a Big Poppa

My crew see Christian in these marks that’s stigmata

You bridge dollar, ;et’s choke if you aint gettin well

You buying that Ill shit? Magic got a sickle cell

You entering into The Hunger Games you can get a shell

I’m riding with that fire on me like District 12

Either the Stairway To Heaven or I give them hell

Cause if I gotta give em…[crowd noise]

I’m from the muthafuckin’ Lou, you must of slipped and fell

I’m different in that black mask like Christian Bale

Fuck that, let’s get gangsta

You’ll see me in Pontiac like a disc changer

I beat the nigga that beat you, don’t forget stranger

You couldn’t get over that Roc, that’s a cliffhanger

Let’s spit some bars

If he rollin’ with a Cal he probably X Factor cousin

But if my cape flap and dumpin, his chest back and stomach

I’m rolling with the Cowell like the X Factor judges

Bring it on

Magic keep a strap up in my palm bring it

Pour acid on ya’ll…[unclear]

Carlton Banks I get the snappin’ with these arm swingin’

See ya’ll region, my sick flow is clever real niggas

All my gangster’s in them six O’s will tell ya…[unclear]

The clips long as ever call it…[unclear]…them shits go together

[unclear]…You a fag ya

Send a G to ya address, he ain’t catch that


You better dash black

I get the Vibe you got some firebirds get his Aztec

You know somethin’ I never heard? Wilder beast

[unclear]…better shield ya top like a Raiders hat nigga

You in the danger zone, face the facts

This AR Kansas with a razor back

Your last battle, the definition of what sloppy is

The nigga with the iron forearms aint Bobby did

Was trained with a Tommy Gun on some Rocky shit

Will son, you better split like the Karate Kid

I’m cold nigga, name one nigga who spit it better

Why they callin’ me the best? You gon’ see tonight

I run in office shit, Condoleezza Rice

I let him talk to an angel like a Preacher’s wife

You too weak to write

And ya freestyle is off Ill, I poppin’ the clip and he got the flippin’ when it caught Will

Got the flippin, caught Will, I’m showing ya’ll what a line meant without a…[unclear]…Will

See I’m a spitter, you a rapper, there’s a difference nigga

Freestyle cause they sound better than ya writtens nigga

Forget it nigga, you gon’ die here alone I kill this nigga and I ain’t talkin Nasir Jones

Bars, Kelis, Nas I’m too sick

I will lay this nigga out flat like a new fit

You trash nigga I bag niggas

I don’t give a fuck if you mad nigga, I Glad niggas

Ill Will

I’m about to kill shit, right on stage

You took Ill Carlton line and he right on stage

What the fuck?

But they say Ill the bullet

I mean that’s how it could be

But if you do somethin’ a nigga disrespect you off stage you gotta do somethin’

That’s how it should be

But if he disrespect me I might stay see cause at least you know if I catch you rollin’ with Slim you get that ass clapped, that’s how it would be

Now ya’ll think I’m just rambling on, but I’m tellin’ ya’ll how it could go

But I said Mike, Stacey, Alicia, Roland and Slim that’s The Wood hoe

What the fuck I’m supposed to be happy you reached out?

I ain’t got no heart nigga

Ask Huggins I already did push-ups on yo arch nigga

My bars is on hail B

What the fuck is a nigga that’s sorry gon’ tell me?

Young Gunz shootin’ with them old rockets, that’s Mario Elie

We lost too many niggas this year, we mad stressed

Money wasn’t even the issue, we didn’t have less so we make that bag stretch

Let Magic trip, we don’t have step

Come to his crib with that .223, .45, Mack-11, AK47

In other words we put so many numbers on his house we gave him a new address

[crowd noise]..put this faggot in the past

I told my young dawg pack a deck of cards, a wine and a rabbit

Translation put Magic in a bag

I see him with his chick, smack her on her ass like who fucking this bitch?

Put ya Doggs in a Pound for Snoopin’, Daz, Kurupt in this bitch

So many shots through the stomach feel like he threw up in this bitch

nigga, that’s a rush to him it’s like we on shrooms

Nigga we grew up in this shit

SMACK tell me I’m from the Iac down the street from Joe Louis

I’m that killer masked up behind them lions, I’m Ray Lewis

We can take it back to yo hometown in St. Louis with heavy shooters

And you still gon’ down on your encore, you Reggie Lewis

You nobody till somebody kill you, that’s what Biggie taught

Think you can outrun these shells? That’s what Ricky thought

You figured you was a Renegade

When the facts is when you in the danger zone you ain’t a killer, that’s what Mickey thought

I’m  passed real, ya’ll give these fans that fan feel

Go against my grain you gon’ need more than the Advil

I blast steel

That thing lift him higher than Adolf Hitler’s gas bill

So what you gonna do? No pun intended

Gun extended if he act nigga

Another fake trap nigga

You only known in the Lou cause you rap nigga

But man me, that’s push-ups under a Grand Prix, I got Pontiac on my back nigga

I feel niggas hatin’ but fuck it I’m…[unclear]…degree

I bet for a Wiki Leaks like a Government secret

And you look like yo pussy stank

Fuck it, I’m actin’ rude tonight

I feel like I got somethin’ to prove tonight

SMACK I ain’t sign no contract, so it ain’t no rules tonight

I’m devoted to this

So if I get that reason to pull that tool tonight, he’ll leave Earth, Wind & Fire, that’s how I groove tonight

Round 3

B Magic

Ill Will B Magic my nigga that’s a knee slapper

Call me Lebron Favre, nigga that’s a Heat packer

We rappers ain’t ever gon’ win this way

See Will’s skill gon’ have to be Independence Day

Listen, Wale, Mill, throwing them…[unclear]…Ross…[unclear]

Come to the battle talkin’ you leave with ya jaw broken

See I’m black drawn from the…[unclear]…called the Hulk Hogan

[unclear]…clip her a crack head like Lamar Odom

I say let’s keep it real

[unclear]…have you crackin’ up, that’s real talk

You nothing more than tired

I wish he would…[unclear]

Just know you picked the right nigga on the wrong day

If I say you lost just give me that ‘I know’ face

Still run in when I slide through your home base

You need a bullet? I got what you want like Nicole Ray

House party, load up and we ride up in…[unclear]

Fuck Yak, I’m more of a Henny with a Rose

[unclear]…not big enough for a killer, I’m OJ

A team of real niggas look at ya’ll awkward

Reach in to get the crossover like Lamar Crawford

[crowd noise]…Roll up and hit the killer tree like I’m Paul Walker

King Arthur sing nice at that round table

[crowd noise]…He freestylin’ make that wack shit sound elite

But I give him the blues if wheeled down to me

Let’s play cuz

Lookin’ for him, Tommy Fat nigga

You frownin’ I’m just clownin’ when I palm the Mac Miller

Come at me and get washed, laundromat nigga

Get a G8 especially a Pontiac figga

Nigga for sure you gonna get beat proper

Can you imagine…[unclear]…a bitch chest like a fleet collar

You get the grade done fresh like a beat boxer

With 30 bullets across ya chest like Rasheed Wallace

Let’s get it poppin’

Let’s get this shit on the move cause it’s true that these rappin’ ass niggas is on the loose Freddy Crue…[unclear]

I’m a fool

You gon’ get that 3 8 ball

Pull a nigga up off yo whip like GTA IV…[unclear]

Swing iron and give a nigga from PGA Tour…[crowd noise]

Do I have to grab a pump and air Will? Or just pop the trunk

Cause I ain’t tryna spare wheel

Keep it square filled…[crowd noise]

Ill Will

You was reppin’ street status on ya rookie shit

You still are?

Oh ok, I was just making sure cause I thought O&B was G why N, that’s pussy shit

OBGYN that’s pussy shit

But I don’t really like doing that style

Cause all ya’ll niggas suck dick just swallowing that

Get all ya’ll niggas… See you was following that

I heard Magic tryna see me

I say ya’ll wanna be Ill you cant figure out how to beat me, figure out how to be me

Now I gotta expose Magic on cam like Morgan Freeman on Now You See Me

Watch me control the room, ferocious goon

Kill him dead, bury him open tomb, hold it to em, bloe it through em

If I put this dipshit on my hitlist I can get Magic taken out of the game quicker than Earvin Johnson with an open wound

Grab the SMACK check

Niggas actin’ like Magic taking back steps

Ya’ll must of thought I was lyin’ when I said the Yak next

I mean, yeah you Magic but more like Penny Hardaway after Shaq left

I mean what’s good Magic?

It’s action-packed in my hood Magic

Since this war locked I studied ya craft witches how I understood Magic

They think I won’t come to his house?

Well ok then

I be outside smokin’ a cig in the AM

Soon as he cracked the door I flip Magic with that cig in the AM

Hold up

That’s magic how I just did Magic cause if you flip Magic with that cig in the AM

I’m the one…[crowd noise]…like a bum at a gas station

Heart froze once my arm fold him in a

Two piece and a upper-cut got inside him like Lamar Odom in a cypher

I don’t feel shit from this nigga

Calling me the underdog will only bring the pit outta this nigga

I will cock back smack the bitch out this nigga

Hit em with a God Damn, followed by dawg, he just beat the shit outta this nigga

You on ya Top 5 shit? Not now bitch

Ya’ll call him a big dog I say he on his Chihuahua shit

I will put Magic in a box look at his Moms like “ah ha Bitch”

And if she start cryin’ to lighten the mood I split Magic in two like Viola bitch!

You might of put DNA on the curb but Will can adapt to that

Somersaulting’ cause I’m back flippin’ on stage like an acrobat

Is you mad nigga?

Well I’m glad nigga

Cause I can’t stand the bitch

My Jamaican nigga hit me up mad as shit

He said “Ill, Magic didn’t call me for the Tay Roc battle, but fuck it we good, as long as you bring B Magic back to the Iac (Pontiac) so I can get him drunk in the hood”

He said bring him that lion’s den

I said define it then

Pull out the Tech N9ne out that Arsonal and then Lux gon be good

But just make sure you give me a few dollars and get my bread right

Cause once that Clips and that AK it’s Tay Tay…[crowd noise]