Charlie Clips vs. Dirtbag Dan

Charlie Clips and Dirtbag Dan battle it out at "Battle Of The Bay 6."

Round 1

Charlie Clips

So I got a call from some Cali number

Like, ‘Uh no’ I’m tryna book you

I’m like, ‘Lush, damn nigga, you work fast’

He like, ‘What’s it going to take to get you out to Cali bro?’

I’m like, ‘Floor seats to the Lakers game, I wanna be there when Kobe throw his first pass’

Make sure they goin’ against the Clippers too

Cause I wanna see Chris Paul versus Nash

Now who you got for me Lush?

And this nigga replied Dirtbag

I looked at my phone for 10 minutes

And then I replied, ‘Dirtbag?’

Fuck the Lakers, fuck the Clippers

I don’t wanna see Chris Paul versus Nash

Kobe’s a ball hog anyways, we ain’t never gon’ see his first pass

And unless you got $1 million I will never battle Dirtbag

He said, ‘Bro the food out here is amazing’

I said, ‘Book my plane ticket’

You used to be the Bay’s favorite Son

It’s like the West Coast was conceiving you

Now you so garbage, baby Pac and Brenda don’t believe in you

You named yourself Dirtbag

The first Rap name I found believable

Cause you cheap, easy to get smoked and you like havin’ seeds in you

Damn homie, in Grind Time you was the man homie

What the fuck happened to you?

See what happened to you is your Rap styled died out once the URL came and took over

But rappers like Okwerd, The Saurus and Dizaster

Showing SMACK rappers they ain’t no pushover

So let’s put all 4 of them together

Now I want everybody to take a look closer

If they the Ninja Turtles which one is Dan?

Michelan No, he’s a foot solider

I know, comparin’ him to the Ninja Turtles, how original

Yeah I may be grown but bar for bar, I’m in December

You stuck on April that’s K. C. Jones

MAGIC said you can take the 3 off your gun

I name my 80, Jones

A 100 shots a 100 bags, I’m serious with my Math

I name my 80, Jones

No disrespect to my bro, serious boy, I’m serious

I think sons tough

But if my Math serves my right, I can end this battle with one punch

Cause the way I rolled up, the cops don’t know whether to arrest me or bring one dutch

Cause after I smoked ‘em, all they found was a Dirtbag and some guts

Word is you some Mexican, Ariba Riba you dumb fuck

I’m in an Escalade with a .38 lettin’ my gun buck

I’m in that same Escalade, grippin’ that 40 Cal. lettin’ my gun buss

We both Mexican, cause I’m servin’ every kind of shell out of that one truck

So go ahead and be predictable Dan

Mention the part I did about SMACK and how Star & Bucwild called me a snitch

That’s my nigga, plus when Star smack

He been goin’ buckwild for some shit

If you a star, I get you slapped and go buckwild with the 5th

I know SMACK a star, but that don’t mean you got to go buckwild on his dick

It’s time nigga

Dirtbag Dan

So Lush said Dirtbag Dan versus Charlie Clips

Even I was like, ‘Shit,’ that hardly fits

This battle is a stretch, like Charlie’s tits in them XX tee’s he hardly fits

You’re a fat mutha fuckq, I see you tryna coup

You say you big-boned but we both know you lie to folks

You self-conscious so when you order food it’s like some kind of joke

Either type to supersize the fries, on the side, lil’ Diet Coke

[unclear]…What you don’t think that’s right Clips?

Wait Clips, I got them linin’ up to watch you catch this fade, that’s great Clips

He the type of mutha fucka to dream of space, cause that’s the only place that he weightless

He go to Curves they put him on a wait list

Says it’s going to take a long time to shake this

Wait, when was the last time they weighed Clips?

Don’t hate like you ain’t trippin’ off your weight Clips

You talk about it in every blog you do

If you weren’t trippin’ you wouldn’t say shit

That’s how you loose your main bitch

She probably get moist if I wave at her, that bitch give me brain, no brain matter

And since I’m from the Bay I get paid after

You are so lucky I’m married cause on-site any bitch you love can get knocked up

Hoe get a taste of the hard White, she’ll never go back to this soft gun

Why you think these women desert you?

Cause after every dinner you order dessert too

And if you rebuttal any of these fuckin’ fat jokes, then you are fat and that hurt you

I’m sayin’ his government name, Charles Brown

How unlike Charlie Brown is that

Which is ironic cause they pay you peanuts now to get covered in dirt like Pig-Pen

You get smoked like a Loosie

If you actin’ stoopy I’ll leave you lyin’ on that rooftop

And if you lookin’ for them bird bars I got the rifle with the Woodstock

I could of came to this battle jet-lagged

I could of came to this battle unprepared

Fat ass Charlie lost this battle when he had to walk up them fuckin’ stairs

Round 2

Charlie Clips

Shout out to everybody that brought tickets to this event

But these next few bars is for everybody at home

Whether you on ya computer or on your phone

I want you to create a new tab, go to YouTube and type in Dirtbag Dan vs Rone

Now you gonna have to leave this battle for a second

So it’s gonna feel like you leavin’ heaven now

Cause you’re gonna go through hell tryna hear his bars

But I need you to skip straight into the 2nd round

Where this nigga did a bird scheme and he named every bird

And then in the middle of the scheme he screams, ‘B-B-B-Burrrrm’

It was the worst scheme that I have ever heard

My Great-Grandmother died in front of me

I seen niggas get shot on every curb

But the worst thing that happened in my life was watchin’ that 2nd round and memorizing every word


Who the fuck told you that scheme was hot anyway?

I hope it was Lush that told you that it was super flames

On a real, I hope you did, you know why?

Cause all his career gonna use a lame

Aint it awkward how he use Okwerdz to get the password but…[unclear]

Now it’s awkward cause when we type in passwords we don’t look for this username

It’s awkward like if we pass words then I’ll abuse ya frame

You’ll die awkward, you’re a pass, word

I let that Ruga Bang

You know what else is awkward

How passwords can say I let that ??? bang

And ya’ll will go crazy

It’s awkward ya’ll treat passwords like he’s Pootie Tang

Ok that last line was awkward

I should of let it pass, word

I tried the movie thing

Who’s ya idol Lil B?

Oh oh see he’ll never let the ??? bang [10:00]

Wait a minute, Lil B, O-O-C

That Lil Boosie name cause ya’ll can have a wipe me down when I pick up and let that Uzi rain

That’s life, you know why?

Cause earlier he called me Boosie

So now I have to rebuttal this shit and try to smoke him like a loosey

He try to talk about me not gettin’ coochie

And laugh at me bein’ Charlie Brown when I’m usin’ that Uzi

Well it’s funny cause I clap you in the car and leave you on the roof like Snoopy

And ya’ll gon’ tell me this nigga is undefeated art The Bay

Well shit nigga I can’t tell

Talk about he hustle and get a workout, well answer this,

Why this man frail?

Every gun I got, sane

My shit’s Blu, more than Cantrell

I send him a damn shell, knock the bitch out this nigga

Or ya’ll won’t get it until Dan yell

You gon’ need a crazy bar this battle Dan

On some G shit you gon’ need one

I shoot til’ the gun empty then reload with the same clip, that’s a rerun

They pay me racks to burn this Dirtbag until the weed done

You know what?

I always say my slogan but when you smoke a nigga this bad, you don’t need one

Dirtbag Dan

All these fuckin’ terrible fuckin’ shooter bars

If you got the strap, then cock it back

Prove this fake gangsta shit is not an act

The only 45 I seen Charlie pack is that gross-ass-percentage of body fat

You wanna play that game? Well we can play that game then

I put the metal to his mouth like Charlie Parker

Let the pipes blow unless Charlie pay

I’m after than green man

It may always be sunny in Philadelphia, but this ain’t Charlie Day

Now I don’t give a fuck where Charlie stay, you’re not gangsta you’re full of shit

Town business

These real G’s will leave you in a pool of piss

EMT gon’ cover son up, cause he full of clips

You hear that shit?

I said cover-sun-up, that’s a full eclipse

That’s why frontin’ out here is not an option

Cause when it’s on and poppin’ they leave bodies droppin’

Or have Miss Brown in town coffee shoppin’

Long nose pointed at them like Caustic watchin’

You know what? I don’t even need that long nose

I could beat you to death with these strong bones and ti-knees

Please try me Charlie I kill a brother like Tong Po

Kickboxer bars, yeah yeah

What’s wrong bro? I mean what’s up with you?

How come musically nobody fuck with you?

One punch will have you throwing up blood like you don’t fuck with blue

I’m a Cali boy so wearin’ out these Chucks, nothin’ new

You need to take every dollar they paid you today and get that gut removed

They got you gastric, you bypass, DNA won’t be trustin’ you

Yeah, fuck around you could end up in a body cast

Muthafuckin’ put him down on his back like that

Charlie acts sick but look at his fuckin’ shirt stretchin’ out from his back like that, you got back-tits Charlie

That’s disgustin’

Fuck with Dan, I’m smashin’ somethin’

Act like this beard is half as tough as this shit, you’re lyin’ sucker

Come on look at this shit

Battle of The Bay, Dirtbag Dan stayin’ undefeated

I’m sick of these fuckin’ stat rappers that got me fuckin’ heated

No judges in this battle cause we don’t fuckin’ need it

After this display, fuck it, I’m bout to dropkick this fat bitch

Dirtbag Dan I’m that sick kickflips and fuckin’ backflips

Yeah I skateboard hoe, on some White boy shit

You wanna try this shit? You can fly real quick with a Flash Kick like I’m Guile

I got that much style, I’m out this bitch

Round 3

Charlie Clips

So they gon’ brought a nigga straight out the Dragon’s Lair

From the East Coast that can speak fire

Against a nasty-ass Dirtbag, who’s lyrically a weak lighter

Who in here know who Dan really is?

Oh ya’ll don’t know? Well let me preach choir

For my videogame-heads Dan is the wackest character in Street Fighter

See they tried to gas Dan up to be like Ryu

But his skills set is not quite there

Dan is gay, his punches are weak and his Aduket stops right here

They even tried to make Dan be like my brother Ken

So he been biting, a Caucasian slash thin light skin

Nigga gonna loose half his energy with one punch from M. Bison

And they tried to put that against Ryu?

A nigga that can throw the Hadouken make this room split do a broom kick…[unclear]

See it’s wordplay like that they pay me for, that help ya views flip

I ain’t gonna punchline this whole round

I’m gonna give you Fabolous bars on some Clue shit

They say I’m out of control, I’m on a role

For the bread I make this hero split, he can jet

Catch seven from the Wesson my G no Smith

I give ya I-20, I’m a Ludacris artist with these bingo flips

I give ya eye 20, that’s ludicrous artist with a bingo chip

You got nerve callin’ yourself a legend

Nigga you the reason that this battle was weird

I be like, ‘Yo I got a Dirtbag,’ they be like, ‘Nah we don’t smoke it’

I’m like, ‘No the guy with the beard,’ they like, ‘Oh’

Nobody knows you, but I still flew out to crush this hater

Back in the day it was ‘I got Dan,’ now it’s ‘For real I’m doing Lush a favor’

And that’s G shit

Fans writing me left and right like, ‘Why you even take this battle?’

I’m like, ‘Duh I’m White now, plus I’m getting paid racks to travel’

They like but Clips, this is Dirtbag, he’s not the 4th or the 3rd bag, not the 2nd or the 1st bag

He’s the last, I mean the worst bag

Think about it, he’s a dirt bag

If this High School he’s the 1st class

If it’s Elementary nigga you Social Studies, that was the worst class

Your girl your world

Well bring her to URL get ya earth smashed

Let K-Shine on her, put her in Jersey

Tell Surf splash, I got a shooter like…[unclear]

He graduated out of dirt class

His silence will make his bullets whistle

You don’t even know you got shot, you think a nerve passed

Yeah yeah, what is it like 11 o’clock?

2AM in the mornin’ Eastern time?

And the crowd fuckin’ with me now?

You got the style and the beard of a man that was fuckin’ with a child

Yall give a dirt bag when I be puffin’ on the loud

I ain’t battle you this whole time

I’m Ron Artest in Indians, I just throw punches for the crowd

Yeah like I said Dan, you gon’ need a crazy bar this round, you gon’ need one

I shoot you til’ the gun empty, reload the clip, that’s a rerun

They pay me money to burn this Dirtbag and I’m gon’ do it til’ the weed done

Ya’ll know my slogan? No? Cause when you smoke a nigga this bad, you don’t need one

Dirtbag Dan

You catch me on a bad day, that’s luck chuck

I ain’t a hater but fuck chuck, trill shit ya’ll make me sick every time that you up chuck

Me and chuck beef, I’m like fuck…[unclear]

I’ll turn chuck face into chuck beef

It’s like chuck steak versus thick fillet

I’ll should refuse to serve this faggot like chick fil a

I seen that battle with Hollow man where he got all racist like, ‘Face me boy’

Then you turned around and told the crowd, ‘I’m White now Canada, make some noise’

Got me thinking about your beef with SMACK and how you’re a disloyal faggot or at least a rat

I mean think about it, you let a Canadian Nazi call you “boy” to your face

And then you jumped on his side, you’re not even loyal to your race

He says he needs eight racks and they owe you that

Bitch every ounce of faith you have, you owe to SMACK

Shit when we met, I thought you were DNA’s social worker I didn’t even know you Rap

It’s a conspiracy right? And they hold you back

Beasley ain’t never respected Clips

Why the fuck would they make you the face of SMACK when your face looks like a catchers mitt

He thinks he deserves that big money, I don’t feel like you’re doing enough

You air out the people that put you on, I feel like that’s stupid as fuck

He did a 40 minute blog talkin’ company business so clearly Clips ain’t the dude you can trust

Let me ask you somethin’ Lush

If you don’t pay Judas enough, what the fuck make you think he won’t do it to us?

I’m saying, that’s why I had to come out here and murk you

That’s why you have to battle fuckin’ Dirt too

You got to earn your stripes and when you come to The Bay, I have to fuckin’ hurt you

I mean you turned your back on your set, I should slap this muthafucker in his own neck

Broils on that shit, cookin’ hotdogs, you’re no sweat

I’m sayin’ though, even if I go free Dirtbag Dan is still OG and Oh Me

I gotta tell this muthafucker I’m about to flow free

Now like I said

He says he needs eight racks and they owe you that

Bitch every ounce of faith you have, you owe to SMACK

Shit when we met, I thought you were DNA’s social worker I didn’t even know you Rap

It’s a conspiracy right? And they hold you back

Beasley ain’t never respected Clips

Why the fuck would they make you the face of SMACK when your face looks like a catchers mit

Now I had to bring it all the way back and I was hoping I could remember that shit but it didn’t work

Jet lag as a mutha fucker I wish that trip didn’t hurt

Sure you got me Charlie and I may have came a little bit unprepared

But you still sweat a whole bucket of fat when you came your fat ass up those stairs

Everybody gotta take a loss sometimes…[crowd noise]