Lu Cipher vs. Madflex

Full lyrics from this sleeper battle from KOTD's "Back to Baysics 3" that featured top-quality material on both sides.

Watch the battle here.

Round One


Don't you know to take your shoes off when you come into somebody house?
“This K.O...T.D, you get knocked out, just for touching down.
My Arsenal: Caustic...his D.N.A. in Dirt bags under ground,”
Lu, you say some shit like that, if Urkel ain't leaving, it's Hurricane season,
I’m throwing you(U) in the fucking crowd. Fuck all of that dumbing down.

Who want what? One-two box cut leave Lou mopped up.
I been Kobe when the shot come;
in the shark tank, big fish. The home team in the aqua.
Rush in(Russian) and he smearin’ off(Smirnoff), little homie, it don't mean vodka;
fucking punch take Lu back like Chernobly in the hot tub.
Quit playing the killer, Lu.... you not one.

This Lu person keep it a hundred; that's higher than Lou percent.
You died before you got here, Lu; I hired the looper sent.
Talk money, it's not funny when Lu purse end.
From here on out, I'm charging Lu per cent.

Now that’s some effortless skill; he ain’t gon check me for real
the exodus will, eventually feel
like you were fucked before the credit came; this Netflix and chill.
You less than a meal.

Rap game Charlemagne, Guard ya chain.
This for every gift that Lou didn't send on Father's Day.
Look at him. He’s got my eyes. Even though you got your mama name.
Trees riding the Bentley like Scarlett Payne on Arbor Day,
then drop all of his diamonds in the road like the carpool lane.
All types of ill shit, when I pass a fire over his head
to bring an end to a couple points like Marlon Wayans.
Do.. we.. have.. a.. problem, Lu? That's all I'm saying.

Hey, shit, that's just the build up. I been trying to get the bills done.
Pick the ice up singing La Bamba, that's a Lou diamond fill up.
I'll kill him.

You cheesy. "Lu easy, and a purchase (Louisiana Purchase)
bring misery(Missouri), I owe a (Iowa)
couple ass kicks, his cans is (Kansas)
in a state he don't know da code of. (North Dakota)
And he prolly doesn't know but
the Louisiana Purchase bought Missouri, Iowa, Kansas and Dakotas,
some of ya'll thinking real slow, huh?"
No, bruh. You just been in a drag race spinnin donuts.

His lines? From different battles.
Ciph a biter, don't provide a forbidden apple and start lickin samples.

Lu, you got a "Bowflex" line? Maybe a "no flex" line?
Well then I get to slap you. What?

I'll pull your lip above your eyebrow hair.
Looking like you did a 3 year bid in the time out chair.
I'll throw Ciph downstairs.

If you scheming, it's a pyramid.
I axe you to leave, I got an actual axe and I'm actually serious.
It'd be a shocker if you had a career to fix;
one jab and his ear get clipped,
he'll have a hard time moving forward without a Walker,
he ain't Fast, but he’s Furious. Y’all hearing this?

Hey, they say, "Lou's a beast. Lou's on fire. Lou's a match for you."
Lou's a little bitch. You gon lose the fucking battle and the attitude.
Next phase, the temptation stage, boy I can snap on you.
Lu, you cannot lose all the respect I didn't have for you.

And Lou means toilet in England. Time.

Lu Cipher

First thing I thought of when I heard I was battling Madflex
is, "I'm on King of the Dot, fuck Madflex. Madflex is a faggot."
Multi syllable rapping is an irrelevant tactic, but, I'm better at that shit.
But why fight fire with fire when I ain't here for wrestling matches?
And that's some of my lighter shit.

Once they booked this, he already knew he was outmatched.
‘Cause he watched my C3 battle, seen me give C3 K's
and thought he seen 3K from Outkast.
He watched the Tru Logik battle,
and with this gift, it makes sense he'd be out (w)rapped.
After viewing me versus Tru and C(truancy),
he already knew he'd be outclassed.

So y'all think Flex is dope?
Well, he on the ground floor of ground zeroes and I'm next to blow,
so y'all should already know
that I'm on a higher level by the time I get to my second flow(flo’).
I think Flex is bull. I can't even touch my effing toes,

These stretches killing me,
so it makes sense I can't reach for defeat, I ain't got Flex ability.

Da feet bars. I know that's some shit y'all ain't impressed with
but for me, y'all gon have to make exceptions.

I’m nice. This year, I've gone from rapping with my friends using flash cards
to flashing up on cards at the biggest battling events.
In my Troy battle, I used a Palamalu bar that established many trends
in 2015, but what's crazy here is I coulda covered Mad in(Madden) 2010.

Video game bars. You see, that shit happens naturally
when you battle rapping me.
I've already finished him, but I'm still beasting. That's a animality.
Everything coming out of Mad is actually average rap to me, so average actually,
that we nicknamed your studio the saddest factory(satisfactory).

Wordplay. That’s the reason I'm on this card in the first place.
It's the reason Eurgh gave me Shox the Rebel on Don't Flops's seventh birthday,
and the shit I got after Shox(aftershocks),
it ain't even natural, Dizaster, but it's gon make the earth quake.
I swear to God I'm first rate.

I’m one of the best to do it, but don't expect the rest to quote it,
'cause while I was busy catching wreck before, they slept for most it,
but the vets'll notice.
So while I'm spitting, zoom the camera in on Arsonal face and let it focus
and you'll see that Lu Cipher verses shock the Rebel like my next opponent.
Flex is hopeless.

Come on, I don't care what you want now, It's time to move on down.
Every stanza sicker than cancer, and I got two more(tumor) rounds.

Round Two


It's like that, Lu? After I accepted your friend request on Facebook,
you a soldier? Now you heartless? One shoulder check, his arm split.
Storm brought you hoping that you both would get adopted.
Hue and Riley Freeman flew from Florida in darkness,
‘cause they both could ride for free inside the overhead compartment.

What you want, street violence? Sweet science?
Project Greek Island won't even hide him,
so don't push any buttons, we speed dialing.
You see him go like this? (wave and point) Means there's prolly police sirens.
I'll take a couple out like peace signing;
get stuck deep in the back of his head, I'm tryin to remind him.
Left attack-- Cheshire cat: a bitch trip and see nothing but teeth flying.

Man, fuck him. Uppercut him til he float through the air
with arms flapping staring at the bird like Koko B. Ware.
Shit, I'm rolling up like mobile repair,
then put him in the trunk so long, this motherfucker will propose to the spare.

You got me fucked up. All this yappin’, talking.
If I stand to box him, half Colossus with the option to brand with losses.
land a cross and spook so many bosses, I'm thinking my hands are haunted.
Baby J, you a bad accomplice. you just let his album drop and,
didn't say a word when the man done called it Swaggaholic?
Like, you just gonna stand and watch it? “Yeah, that's solid!"
Look, man. I did research for you, Lu! I had to knock it
just to have the thought that I'd be better off puttin my ear up to a bag of dogshit. Mad been plotting. Drag a square, you get the picture? Canvas croppin.
White boy with the punches of Dan and Caustic
but style somewhere compared the heir apparent to Pass and Locksmith.
I got this bag, it's a plan to shoplift;
fuck Lu Cipher. You don't exist if this Miyagi don't pass the chopsticks.
Wipe that look off your face or I’ll slap it off, bitch.
Your cohorts fall short short as the short shorts on Magic Johnson.
Lu was like, “Battle of the night is a cash deposit.”
Homie, what the fuck make you think I don't take your half the profits?
Pourin out the fluid the man’s embalmed in,
show up to your gravesite to
talk to Lu like pop a “Woo”(Papa Wu): Action Bronson. Laugh it off then.

Run up in your backpack, Cipher.
4 dudes, the same beating, that's a backpack cypher
Start recording the corpse on the floor and snapchat MyVerse,
texting people at your funeral like “hashtag lightwork”.
I'll see you in the third if you ain't died first.

Lu Cipher

Unseasoned fans, y’all make writing for a nigga like me wack as shit,
'cause y'all can't put two and two together;
Y’all look at basic math like its calculus.
So when I say I'm a Prodigy wreaking Havoc,
I mean, y’all don't know nothing ‘bout the shit,
so what's the point in finishing the scheme about how he look like Alchemist
when I already know what the outcome is?

I'm better at rapping, but sometimes I find it's best to be average,
so I took the chemistry joke outta my round
'cause I knew it wouldn't get a reaction.

That was a bar too. You just gotta read between the fine print,
instead of getting out of line every time that I rhyme shit.
But I get it, it’s hard to stay in your lane if you ain't got what a line meant,
so I’ma give y'all something a little easier to digest.
Hi, Flex. Didn't you say you was smoking me tonight? Are you high, Flex?
Whoever said they see this battle going either way has gotta be bi, Flex,
'cause I'll bend your body in two different places and tell you bye Flex(biflex).
Still thinking you can outmuscle me, I’m thinking, “why, Flex?”
You ain't got enough biceps and triceps to try Flex.
I'm bout to try Flex. Die, Flex.

For this guy Flex, I show no type of respect. I'm from the school of Reflect,
So whatever he taught to me, I got to reflect.
You gonna throw shots? Well, they gon bounce off of me, Flex.
I got way too much D, Flex(deflects),
but this hammer? It ain't for your knee, Flex, I ain't tryna check ya reflex.

What, y’all tired of these Flex bars?
It’s cool, I got Mad Magazines for Mad Men. Y’all gon be making a mad dash;
if Mad flex, I'ma hit Madflex with mad Macs(Mad Max).
You mad trash. Glad bags the only place for Mad tracks.
Original controller in this game. I ain't playing with these Mad Catz.

Telling you, y’all gon get exactly what you was asking for.
If you had your money on Mad, I bet you mad now if you wasn't mad before,
‘cause I can take the bull, and grab the horns.
When opportunity knocking, man, of course
I'ma open him up, 'cause Mad a door(matador).

I'm from where the glocks dumping on the block,
and you dumb if you think that the cops coming,
they not. You not from it , it’s obvious; stop fronting.
Good night. You had a good fight but your box coming.
Hood type: the same type of Thug Life that Pac stomached.

And every time I step inside the booth I weaponize the truth
Cop a shirt; they fifteen a pop, twenty-five for two.

Round Three


Some of y’all thought I was play pimping. Nay, bitches, I'm all heart.
Lu got the swagger of Paul Blart,
and Flex out here shitting on a tall card with all bars.
Do me a favor. Tell Marvin when the mission to mars starts
cause my patience running just a little thinner than his arms are.
Looking like Arsenio Hallmark.
Little man, I take the Crown with me like I lifted a squad car.
You the width of a pop tart.
A battle? This a victory lap through a Memorial: I'm Lynch in the golf cart,

Young Wal-Mart! I hear that eating clocks is time consuming,
I get it. But what the fuck a sheep gon do with a lion moving?
Come get it. These tards been theme park cause they ride with you, but
I get your back, I’ll get your back leaking out spinal fluid.
Flex designing proof you a stepping stone like the Mayan Ruins.
Silent movements send you skyward cruising;
I will lift you up so high, you can see whatever sign the moon’s in
and cop a squat on the the spot on the flyer that Diz and Gjonaj are using.
Lucifer headline in the afterlife, and Mad provide the height improvement.

My influence?  E-40, Biggie, L and Ice Cube.
Lu rap really well… but like really well for a white dude,
it’s, like, different, know what I’m saying?

Organik, I don't care how many weirdos you call.
They keep saying the same shit when I take one down
like ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall.

For real. You don't know the drill: a Step Brother bunkbed.
Been around crime like caution tape and Bloodshed.
Now Me/Cipher: Street Fighter, cease fire, and I'm Balrog in the subtext,
‘cause even when I kick it, shit just turns into a slugfest, and this bum next.
Now you rep Waystid Talent, (Lu makes hand sign)
and that's the first time in his life that he's thrown hands in a club yet.
Don't get upset.

For show and tell, I brought this bag. Coco Chanel.
It's beasting vers’ a bee sting, and these things don't go so well,
‘cause Lu is in the loop, but I AM the loop; I hold the belt.

Asshole. Roll and sell any ample cash flow;
the show goes on, when Lu pay(Lupe), it still ends in a Fiasco.

This man is more ComiCon than octagon.
Do not yell or a Molotov cocktail hit the top shelf of ya Dodge Stealth.
Palmin a Corona, lime and fold-up under a palm up in Corona.
They call him Roswell:
his disc dropped and the populous don't know nothing. But no fronting.

Both of us been battling worse shit,
to the point where it don't matter rehearsing.
But the point is that you still don't test Flex vers’ the average person.
Slam and search em. Come back and ask if this trash is worth it,
nah, ‘cause you can't even muster up half of the version of my clash with Urban.
Back with purpose, Still ain't scratched the surface of active service.
This control, I change the whole scene quicker than channel surfing
when I lift his facial skin like a plastic surgeon.
They hand you a magic bullet , you had a shot, the plan was perfect,
Mad just curved it. Pack this nerd’s shit.
I'm taking Lu's career as a souvenir and you right the fuck back to worthless,
and I went first ’cause your third is some shit I ain’t concerned with.


Lu Cipher

There's an infrared beam that sits on the top of every pistol I got,
so I guess in more than one way this a battle with the King of the Dot.
Flex, you wanted your chance to shine with the best?
Well, that's until I give him a shot,
and since this bum got the card bored,
well, now you can live in this box.

You'll be in the dirt, bagged.
DNA ‘ll be everywhere; they'll be calling you Dan,
‘cause sticking him up with a big K ain't a part of the plan.
That goes to any nigga on the card that want to go to war with the craft;
I got a frag grenade to put a tag on Coma toes if he walk in my path.
Reverse Live? Meet reverse lived; I’ll torture ya ass.
You holding guns, but you only got only one; I’ll let an arsenal pass.

Somebody tell Flex he's filler.
Y'all need to put me in the ring with a Ness Lee, Chilla,
so I can really disrespect these killers.
I got enough pent up rage in my pen to slay seven Days,
so bring on the next weak(week) nigga.

Oh, it gets deep. This nigga Lu is in beast mode.
It's like I knew the cheat code to the human genome
So even if I go 75%, QP, even you’d you'd get 3-0’d.

I know it's hard to understand what I'm speaking if you don't have any season,
but 3 O's is 75% of a QP, mathematically speaking.

Yo Lush, I thought I was going to London next month.
So why am I battling a(-)broad?
I ain't Jonny Storm, but I got a deadman added to this card.

They talking in my head.
I’m just trying to listen to the right voices through the white noises.
Before I snap and bring an end to your name with five nines just like Royce’s.
My point is there's no way that you fucking up my voyage.
One look at you and I can tell you ain't comfortable with your life choices,

I mean, look at you. I mean, examine the type of shit that this pussy on;
what kinda nigga got a mohawk,
but you ain’t never seen him without a hat and a hoodie on?

I mean I could be wrong, but does that make any perfect sense?
That's like a nigga with full body tattoos
that you never see without a long sleeve turtleneck.

The weight of the city rocking on my back; that shit is big as a boulder.
With enough rep to carry the body too; tell this bitch I'm a soldier.
I trained for this - you gotta pay for this bit of exposure.
For thinking it's free to lay(Frito-Lay) on my back,
well I got a chip on my shoulder.

Yo, the only reason I really came out here
was to fuck some California bitches,
smoke some good weed, get some good vibes,
and rap about shooting 4k's while Avacado get my good side.


Lyrics transcribed in full, including slurs and offensive rhetoric in interest of accuracy. Language used and views expressed are those of the performers cited.

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