Gjonaj vs. Psycoses

Full lyrics to this cash-prize grudge match between two rising stars from Day 2 of KOTD's "Blackout 6."

Watch the battle here.

Round One


Right away. I came all the way from L.A. to this show to fight,
and don't trip, I'm not about to let you down like Quill did with a choke tonight.

You already got bodied by Diz,
so after tonight, this’ll be your second time dying in a row.
They'll be saying you won(one) zero back to back like binary code.

I do freestyles, multi's, punches, wordplay;
you just do bar after bar, and you're known to reach some
while I(eye) contact from every angle like the Mona Lisa.

Pussy, I really rap,
so he's fucking dead(,) people,
‘cause I'm coming(summing) for a cold body like necrophiliacs.

And he'll react like,
"I'm a cannibal; I don't just kill, I feed of it, but only if the rules are fine.”
Well since he's a cannibal,
I'll make him eat his backbone, and watch as he chews the spine.

Don't believe it? Boy, fuck with me;
these hands left more kids split than joint custody.

Joints rupturing when your cranium straight splatters;
occipital lobe over there, frontal lobe over there, now let's see if his brain matter,

‘cause King Of The Dot let a killer loose like the OJ Simpson case panel
to put a middle eastern in a bag, behind bars, like a Guantanamo Bay scandal.

Get your face scrambled with hands thrown at a ferocious speed,
but he doesn't need to be an R&B fan for Gjo to see(Jodeci)
that I'ma okay seeing Gjo-Gjo(KC & JoJo) catch a hook on a slower beat.
You scrapping is something we just don't believe.

"But Christ the second coming if you rise—“ Shut up!
What I could do with one blade
will remind you of a confession booth from his whole appearance,
‘cause he'll be spilling his guts after I come clean across(a cross)
and I'll be leaving a(believe in a) holy spirit.

The hole will spill and tear his cavity;
doctors will have to support the core(Corps) like military families.

I’d bury all(burial) your cast; get(casket) dropped
‘cause you wouldn’t(wooden) box. This is your funeral now.
No, pay attention. I said "burial", "casket" "wooden box", this is your funeral now;
did you catch the plot?
[walks around snapping fingers]
Woah, woah, woah, y'all thought I was slipping? Man, just stop.
That wasn't a choke;
I just figured he needed a moment of silence before the casket dropped.

Photo by Banshee for KOTD.

But if he survives, I’ll put the piece up right at his teeth and I’ll just
keep on firing 'til he eats the magazine: Reader’s Digest,

or bleed when I send one swing to just finish then leave you stiff and
sleeping with your teeth next to you like senior citizens,

or leave him splitted with one punch in the head to come and just shred or
crush in his septum when it bust in the center,
fucking up your whole appearance like a public defender.

You love to pretend these writtens you've given a futuristic image to,
like this is new, is misconstrued,
‘cause the simple truth’s you're living through an artificial formula like infants do.

While the rest of us were taking a match
any date that we can and breaking our backs,
Smack gave you a way to get past,
so now you're like Moses, the way your power came from a snake and the staff.

That bridge is how he's risen, but now he wouldn't be shit without these,
so it's safe to say The Dude wouldn't be the same without Bridges
like the Big Lebowski.

You use religious references to get cheap reaction
off their applicability to the general public,
then set them up with collective subjects but wedge in one hit direct enough that
when you end with punches, the perception of it's impressive, but
it's just a crutch to pretend it's substance.

Then this punk just turned his back on Smack to come to King Of The Dot but it was..
suicide, you knew you'd die; it's a cry for help,
‘cause now you've lost everything and everyone; you're all by yourself.
You're like Waldo, playing Where’s Waldo: you need to find yourself.

You can take any bar from any verse from any rounds on me,
and the crowd will safely say that every round’s on me,
and after I get that money tonight, I'm heading straight to the bar,
and you best believe it's gon' be rounds on me.


(You guys ready to not see gimmicks?)
Alright, that Reader's Digest bar was impressive,
way doper than every other rapper who said it.

This battle was supposed to be for five thousand.
The fuck happened to Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is?
Pussy had Organik call me. (Yes you did)
He said, "That amount of money is life changing.” I said, "He may be right.”
But if five grand is live changing, you need to change your life.

And now I got to rob his parent's crib for fucking up my motivation;
if it was five grand, there wouldn't be any(B&E) reason for this home invasion.

I will kick in the door, shoot the whore. You want more dead? Pistol to your head.
Show me to the safe, and I'll be in the vault quicker than Cortez.

Caustic, Pat Stay, The Saurus, Bigg K, I don't give a fuck who you have involved.
I have evolved; bodies once sloppily rotten are now frozen in catalogs.

Serial killers keep trophies, but I'll take cash in hand.
A thousand for the sacrifice: (What's that?) a rack of lamb.

Well I'll be damned, just to see you live in Hell.
This is Silence Of The Lambs: I hope you're living(live in) well.

It puts the lotion on, live in well? How could he fucking win?
Buffalo Bill wouldn't be comfortable in his fucking skin.

It's heavy builder vers' extra filler; they expect a thriller,
these people crazy. Fuck Steven Avery, even my set(-)up killer.

Photo by Banshee for KOTD.

This is not a new release; it ain't gotta do a piece.
Of course I'm fighting a bum; I made a living on the streets.

Fork in the road, the dead end up on another path.
You should've stayed in your lane; you're fucking trash.
You got a little buzz, thought you'd be a fucking match,
but you gon' die leaving a mark that doesn't last.

Did it sting? Then bring up the fucking past.
Yeah, the Earth quaked, but the magnitude is just an after thought,
‘cause the shit that landed in the building wasn't the same after( )shock.

(Yeah, wasn't was it?)
So is it my fault for being groundbreaking if they didn't get the shit?
See, the future can learn from the past, but not exist in it,

so I'm past that. It's not that he can't rap,
I'm just so ahead of my time, you're currently trapped in a flashback.

You're going to lose a rack flat; was it worth the hype?
You can either wait, or(waiter) or have too much on your plate for the perfect bite.
You see what happens when it's catered? Serves you right.

See, your eyes are bigger than your stomach. That food’s a little closer.
You're gonna realize I'm a killer at large and testing(intestine) me
will be the reason you die just(digest) a little slower.

Now did that shit faze you?
‘Cause they said when I face you, phase one was to break you;
they fucking hate you. Look who they gave you.
Think U.S. pennies, ‘cause you're worth less than the cost it took to make you.

Round Two


Yo, he just had that Silence Of The Lambs bar,
but that whole scheme was straight up lame.
I'm not Buffalo Bill, I'm Hannibal Lecter,
’cause once Psyco' broke out the pen, there's no saving face.

This round is for everybody who thinks that my shit is all filler.
Now watch me get this body on cam(Cam): Von Miller.

I'll kill him with hands sharper than Wolverine with the titanium blade,
start rearranging your face
'til it looks like you have Hills Have Eyes creature uranium traits,
have your DNA looking bad when the machete spray in your face,
but if you get in my grill and you're grilling, I'm willing to push your grill in,
so start playing it safe.
Stoop Kid from Hey Arnold:
you don't wanna get stepping over stares(stairs), so stay in your place.

It's safe to say, you go down that path,
you'll take a left and a hook on the right like you were asking directions.
You'll be feeling the burn(Bern) like you want Sanders elected.
Having this bitch head in a box like Brad Pitt in Seven,
when you get beat with bare(bear) hands like that Panda in Tekken.

Photo by Christian Andrabado for BattleRap.com.

You’ve been acting pretentious,
so I'll leave him stuck up with his nose in the air like this dude's snobby,
walking around with half a face from one hit like a House of The Dead 2 zombie.

When the dude's talking, I'm sending the other hand swinging;
that'll make you bite your tongue like a bad seizure,
hands jabbing like Pan's Labyrinth: the kid'll get eaten if my hands see him,
and beat him, 'til you all see one land like Pangaea.
All sea? One land? Pangaea?

We can see that you don't respect the scene, so I take it as disrespect to me.
This is for every time I stopped at the gas station to take a piss,
and your cousin wouldn't give me the restroom key.

Just you see, it'll be like Calicoe's dad, the way I'm taking off on son.
Get your gang involved, and trust, engage in brawl with us,
the same result then comes, but if engaging’s not enough,
then they can all get clubbed like Megan Fox's thumbs.
I'm not the one.

Last battle I said, "One arm waving got you running home like a third base coach,”
but for you, I brought something worse,
when you see two arms waving like Th3 Saga in church.

You thought that every verse was gonna 3-0 me,
but I'm already amounting two-nothing,
and turned that amount into nothing,
and that's why your bars ain't amounting to nothing,
‘cause this is Everest to a desert strip: this a mountain to nothing.

Dude's bluffing.
This a fire cracker to what happens when you're making an atom split.
You aught to quit cause my attic wit is more adequate than Anne Frank's attic width.
You told OT 7even "shank to his neck, I’m apple picking.” Well ain't that some shit?
One boot will turn his Adam's apple to apple sauce with his larynx squished.
Then I'll reboot him...and not even Steve Jobs could get him his Apple fixed.
That was a Genius Bar.

And against Born you said,
"It's hard when everyone you know’s(nose) crooked like Owen Wilson.”
That was so hot; stop.
Quit acting like you when your folks call the shots,
and lighten your tone like Michael Jackson
before everybody that you know’s(nose) falling off.

This reminds me a little bit like Daylyt vers’ Iron Solomon.
I'm not calling this a mirror match; let me give y'all the clear vision.
This reminds me of Daylyt versus Iron Solomon
‘cause in this battle, you need to self reflect on your mere(mirror) image.


Hibbity, dibbity, flibbity, jibbity-- shut the fuck up.
You want to know what everyone on cam wonders?
How do you spit twice as fast and have half the substance?

You're fucking trash. Look, I appreciate the fans that remain loyal,
but there's a difference between someone that'll lie to you
and someone that'll lie for you.
There's a difference between someone that'll kill for you,
and someone that'll die for you.

That's why I don't give a fuck about your fans.
I can count how many people I trust on Jason Pierre Paul's hands.

Look, don't get defensive or you'll miss the message.
See, I needed a match; he was the natural selection, and I hate that.
It was dramatized, fossilized, let's go way back.
There was a missing link; it seemed our wins didn't explain that.
Now for y'all in the building, who can't rewind or replay that:
“natural selection", "fossilized", "missing link”, “it seemed Darwin didn't explain that”.

Photo by Christian Andrabado for BattleRap.com.

See I'm gonna do that all night and clearly kill him,
but first, let's light up the building.

It's time to switch on him like a step child; this next style nastier than a meth smile.
Die from biting: West Nile. Circles change, shape shift, alien reptile.
I'll crack his Skully; thought it was the X-Files.
American Sniper: I'll go from this Kyle to Chris Kyle.

Confirmed kill. It gets worse still.
I use violence to paint the pig; you're a human virus.
Matrix shit, replay, then glitch:
you'll see the same body over and over. Agent Smith.

Which is why we don't cam a lot(Camelot).
This is not your (k)night; everything I spit sort of lands a lot(sword of Lancelot).

This is my kingdom. I alone am ruler;
they measured my successes soon as my foot fit through
It's quicksand. There's a point I'm 'bout to get to.
Struggle and die faster, did it sink in? I'm the last thing you should've ran into.

Why stop when I got more to prove? I'm Cyclops:
this one I(eye) can't afford to lose. I'm in your blind spot.

Don't get stuck in traffic. Oh, you heard the story?
Well it's working for me. Get stuck in the middle: purgatory.

Fans get to judge the living, and the dead; see, it's all an angle.
Thirty pieces of silver and a fallen angel,
hanging with the twelve before I got a cradle,
and made bread off the body before I got the table.

The last supper. Bow your head as I read a verse.
Dear Lord, tonight one of us is going to leave the Earth.
May the peace be with you, ‘cause if I see him first,
parum-pa-pum-pum, all I brought was a drum, like Jesus' birth.

See at first, wise men followed a star.
Nowadays, fuck that, just follow the bars.

Round Three


Let’s get it popping, G; I’m here to School(-)boy on cue(Q), no collard greens.
So face it, fam, it's basic math:
I'm the prime one, so you can't even be at odds with me.
I bring Fury to this field like a Ottawa soccer team.
I doctor these pupils: optometry,
running through every body in my path like a Hotel Rwanda scene.
This is Man Vs. Food and it's my job to eat.
Even when I'm freestyling off the top, it's clean;
think Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat: I body frees(freeze).
All these squares around make the game bored(board): Monopoly.
You talk a lot about knocking in noggins clean and socking teeth; stop it, please.
Like couples locked in monogamy rocking promise rings, we never saw you swing.
You say you'll start shooting stars, calm it(comet), please,
or guns(organs) get brought to the table like a Dahmer feast,
long nose in front of your face all day like what Caustic sees,
or catch you and you boo when you're on the streets,
put your boo in a bag like Monster's Inc.

It's odd ‘cause he said he was gonna hurt Diz's career,
then we all just died from laughter
when you forgot your lines at half verse and started calling time quick after.
Hey, you guys wanna know what rhymes with "calling time quick after?"
[Caustic:] Getting bodied by Dizaster!

Photo by Banshee for KOTD.

But tonight you're gonna get it bar for bar,
‘cause that's what everybody here's wanting,
but I didn't write a single jelly fish line,
so tonight no one's gonna have a problem pronouncing this a clear body.

A clear homi, so act a fool and every part you have in you will tear apart,
then black and blue from every scar
and faggot, you will have to prove you carry heart,
when we see this monkey stand up for himself like the evolutionary chart.

Did you hear that Darwinism bar he had in his last round when he said it son?
Yeah, well fuck it, I got a better one.
Are you familiar with the Theory Of Evolution?
‘Cause Darwinism best explains how this match was concepted.
See, you never learned to adapt to the present,
so naturally, it only took one disaster(Dizaster) to end him,
then due to the growth in my bio,(-)logically I was the natural selection.

After you stepped in, it was like Smack had a sex doll fetish,
the way they blew up this fake fuck and gassed his rounds,
while I got slept on by more battle rappers than Organik's couch.
While I had to find a way to try to pay to fly the states,
and trapped in the traffic lines for days, the price was waived right away
for this guy to take the diamond lane to the fastest route,
so the staff on Smack is over half the reason they have him out,
so The King Of The Dot was happy to have him out,
but I'll be happy when we have him out.

But after now, I ain't takin losses, but if they say I lost then
I'm taking off rocking The King Of The Dot chain with Illmaculate hanging off it.

You were taking off when your PG release lifted
his weak image, to be pictured like he's an elite figure;
now they use your bull pen for a warm up like relief pitchers.

You use historical figures and facts that are bound to be
convincing for half the crowd to think it's skill, but in actuality,
it's a gimmick you have to cloud to scheme,
with your simplicity masked as challenging,
‘cause the significant fact left out of these writtens you have are found to be
missing the factuality and littered with massive fallacies
and hidden within a fictitious image with little in practicality.

For example, you told JC,
”They knew I was gonna sleep you as soon as they set a date.”
Set a date/sedative. That's a reach.
Then you said, "I could beat you with the bars I land of the free if the pen in gone"
Pen in gone/pentagon. That's a reach.
Then you said,
"you'll all get fed embalming fluid unless you find somewhere for ‘em all to hide.”
For ‘em all to hide/formaldehyde. That's a reach.
You can battle John John in a Mosque and still out rhyme a don.
Out rhyme a don/Ramadan. That's a reach.

Faggot, please. There's an obvious gap in everything you say.
Getting reaction off bars that don't make sense
only makes you look stupid in the long run. Just ask DNA.

Round three, it's getting hot in here. King Of The Dot, y'all know that slogan.
[Crowd:] Get him the fuck out of here!
Hell no, get the beanie on this geek the fuck out of here.
You're afraid of immigration; get this Syrian refugee the fuck out of here.
Half your bars don't even make sense, get every fucking reach the fuck out of here.
I killed rappers Back To Back here because I love Toronto;
somebody get Meek the fuck out of here.


Yo, who the fuck is he talking to every round?
You better make like a bitch in her wedding gown and settle down.

Oh, you made(maid) of honor? Well we are not the same.
A loss in reality, I'm how he got a name.

I ignore pain and press your(pressure) points. What an easy win,
look how you act. You punked your(acupuncture)self. Why needle him?
You're so close to death like senior citizens.
Needle, sew clothes?

No joke, while he was thinking about what to write next,
I was doing random licks like dyke sex.

Bitch head in the box, since you mention the movie Seven,
guess you could use a lesson on who to threaten.
There goes all of Rob progress like a 2-11.
Robbery in progress? 2-11?

Plus I said his name. Jesse James, it is Robert right?
Well, if I'm robbed tonight,
as in, you skip town and you're found alive,
leave with the cash and the judges are on his side,
he'll be the next Robert(robber) to die famous like Bonnie and Clyde.

So run and hide. You do not want to be Robert E. Lee.
Granted, history repeats, except I'm leaving a twist:
fuck being Civil, War is where you'll, uh, cease(Ulysses) to exist.

Bitch, I slave over linking(Lincoln) these concepts, no exaggeration,
but there's still free dumb(freedom) for Blackout like emancipation.

Run the chain.
Rone and 'Mac, hunger— hold on, I'm still battling what’s-his-name. What a shame.

‘Cause outside of KOTD, you are not known.
You are just a captive, I would've capped if you affected my Stockholm.

Stockholm; you're skull and bones right away.
Kidnapped, locked away. Escape alive? Not today.
Ransom, you gotta pay. Danger, two kind of ways:
Lotta Zay or Jonbenet, I’ve got to say.

For another four K, you would've got a person buried.
Rem—, I'm not a Hitman, I'm a mercenary.

Photo by Banshee for KOTD.

A pallbearer; don't get carried away. This is not a classic.
I'm Paul Bear Bryant: I'm coaching him in the casket.
See this is what happens when you get it backwards,
when animals run the zoo and get to pick the matches.
You get the poor vers' the top one-percent; we're in different classes.
Show me where the cash is.

I'm Ali before the Frasier fight.
Fuck a war, you know my name. Gjonaj, say it right.

I'll be remembered as a legend; you're a man forgotten.
Your material has a shelf life; it's black and rotten.
It expired before you did, and that’s the problem.
I'd rather make you a current event than rap about 'em.

I had to show him what the difference is,
‘cause feeding lambs to the wolves seem ignorant,
but what's a shepherd do when the sheep ain't listening?

Lyrics transcribed in full, including slurs and offensive rhetoric in interest of accuracy. Language used and views expressed are those of the performers cited.

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