Danny Myers vs. Gjonaj

Full lyrics to this debatable battle at KOTD's "Massacre 2."

Watch the battle here.

Round One


This part is the future:

You've been dying to battle me Danny, and it's been a long wait,
but you even look at me the wrong way and it's long blades.
See saw shank, there's no escaping this shit, it ain't Shawshank.
Now can you picture a way beyond these bars? Or is it all hate?

Desperado lawyer, my secret weapon gonna get our case.
Secret weapon, gun in a guitar case.
How we gonna deal with the shit I throw up at him?
[?] Howie Deal, hidden connections I invented that.

I'm on a level that you never knew,
see two dimensional rappers,
depending how it shapes up on paper can be acceptable
But 3D writers go so far in depth you can literally see what he says to you.
But I'm on a different level of writing, the fourth dimensional
Timing, it's too exceptional
I write shit you never do, some people said he's a one trick pony
Well I'm correcting you

Cause your lines gotta connect two points to be one dimensional,
you're not even that.
Die mentioning (dimensional) my name next to you
Cause it something you could never measure to

Get drugged within an inch of your life for acting all cocky
And every rapper in the world can get it
I'll get 'em all bodied to they all stop me
Why carve into his chest? For the autopsy

That's more good (morgue) news
but the coroner can't handle it another one.
You said I'm getting sloppy, I should've used a fucking gun
The cops get suspicious of what I've done
So I throw his body in the wood chipper...and let him blend in with the other ones

I'm changing the landscape Danny
Welcome to the golden age
If rap was so much better in the olden days
Then why is your favorite fucking rapper dumpster diving for my throwaways?

They're all trash and you wonder why your rep dying
You let Randy leave with the bills/Bills without a Jet flying
So fucking long he changed his rap name from T-Rex to Rex Ryan

But you kept trying convince us you were gang banging and block wars
Always have your word as proof, we need a lot more
You're Morgan Freeman, you narrate a story that is not yours
You've never been shot at, you've been shot towards
And we can see the difference
Those hand me down shoes you never fit in so boom
Yeah, Ah Di Boom, soon as you couldn't cry victim
You went to dry snitching to anybody who'd listen

And when they didn't, you wrote blogs instead
See I can tell you're an informant that talks to Feds
C.I. Intel you're an informant that talks to Feds
You're just a rat searching for words to help the pigs
Fuck is this? Charlotte's Web?

You will burn/Wilburn and for no reason you let it transpire
I will torch your soul for our sins Dan Myers
One strike then you'll witness the matchbook backfire
Scorch in eternal flames underground with this shit
Blame the devil for the other two rounds of this shit

Danny Myers

I'll catch Gjonaj coming out his house with his whorish tramp
Put the double barrel on his eyes 'til he click the power forward, he's Horace Grant
I'll erase this bastard, that blast from the pump his face will splatter
You'll see a quarter slide away from this man like Jacob's Ladder

I caught his bitch, I cornered her
Sent her straight to the coroner
See didn't look like she was from round here, that's why I put four in her/foreigner

Two Mac 11's, two .45's, am I thugging?
That's been answered, I just hope these four arms ain't spotted like skin cancer

I'll slap the fuck out you
Bitch, I need a therapist
I'll write your grandma a "fuck you" note then have it translated in Arabic

Do you believe in a parallel universe? I do
The shit is insane, peep this
My daddy was in prison playing spades while I was working on my pen game

Danny's predictable, got a bunch of name flips for Gjonaj, don't I?
You figured I'd have a Joan of Arc bar, don't lie
I'll catch you in the twilight then zone
I'm a monster on this plain
No one believes you though you see it with your own eye (Gjonaj)

I keep a K in hand just to remind you not to play with Dan.
The chopper will flip your V sideways to show you I'm greater than.

Any normal beef I'm in, the fifth get pulled
But for you? I'm on set phone with my contact in Istanbul
He's a professional at making muscles relax
He provided the materials used in a Brussels attack

But he missed his target, furthering the tensions you and I harbor
I'll pull a shotgun from a dead body and utilize armor
Your man was blown to pieces but you gon' die calmer,
my jacket colder than death, suicide bomber

Don't speak to me, bitch ass niggas, I beam frequently
When I sleep I don't see pictures I dream frequencies
I emerged from a dangerous hood a gifted spitter
Where crooked cops put they hands on a kid like Mystic River

Twisted niggas will snatch your mom, there's nothing around scarier
The instructions are simple, if she mock/mach me or sound bury her/barrier

You food to us, we gon' catch you and bash in your teeth
This meal is unhealthy but you savagely feast
I'll have some MS G's (MSG) spot you then clash in the streets,
then I'll make your whore moan/hormone just to add to the beef

But that's not even the G Mo. (GMO)
heater low run up and let the can flicker
All in his face with the Desert like, "What you saying nigga?" (sand nigga)

Fuck you start for?"
I like the art form on Bar Wars
But I didn't jump him cause what I'm building is off the wall like parkour

You must remind yourself, killing niggas is my signature
Even my autographs are a sign of death, my mind's a mess
All I think about is different ways of assaulting
Along with playing the race card and saying everything insulting

King Of The Dot, if y'all wanted to test my pen, y'all could've got the best with the flows.
Y'all could've matched me with Soul, Con' (Soul Khan), instead he'll see the specs on the nose
Your death will be cold

And you on the ground with this shit
This wack MC gotta another two rounds of this shit

Round 2


You like those Arabic jokes huh?
Well Danny already has his foot in the grave, but in a plot twist I dug him out
Cause it's finally a Massacre in the Middle East, Americans give a fuck about.

While they genocide Christians, they're condemning a religion
While God is my witness, I must first own up to my sins to cast the first stone, Bar God

I'll kill him Sunday then ask for forgiveness
Does that make me a hypocrite?
B Dot said you got FedEx, well allow me to flip the shit
Cause if I go postal, shoot the messenger, but I didn't pay for the box I just delivered it

I'm sick enough to be admitted in a methadone clinic
But admit it, I could put on a clinic with my method
You either get it...or forget it

There's only so much you can try with logic
Then you switch to diagnostics to fiber optics
You read points, are you a Bar God or a false dying prophet?
If you ask me, you're scared to believe in anything so you die Agnostic

You got it backwards, you never read a good book and rely on technological advances
You're the same idiot praying for a tablet
It was written in stone and real soldiers know what a command meant (commandment)

Thou shall not worship a false idol
Only the Bible can rival the penmanship I've been blessed with
Every sentence, pen is effortless
Every battle I attack with a religious emphasis
Because while you were playing Sega I was reading Genesis

{Then the lights go out and the crowd loses their collective minds}

You are not my nemesis
You are a narcissist, I am nepotist
You favor your fucking self, I favor my fucking family, it's all relative
I'm 'bout to open up a fucking museum with these skeletons

Danny, what did you tell your kids when you packed up and moved on 'em?
What about Vicky? Shell? Boom? It happens too often
Everyone close to you suffers, I'm through talking
You back stabbed everyone on Earth so I'm moonwalking

I said, did that upset you?
What about when you told Rex he died the same day as his nephew?
You sold your soul at that venue
You booked the battle, even paid for travel
You went on Smack/URL and it was a favor that they let you

How could anyone respect you?
Where is your honor?
Look how you treat your own children? All they see is a monster
If Danny wasn't battle rapping, he'd never see his daughters
Imagine, having to move to Boston just to see your father

That's the power
No, that's the power behind inner and outer
For you they let out a reaction, an outer reaction
But I make it hard for 'em to breathe
In the span of four bars they feel pride, shame, hate, love, they ran out of reactions
I know longer worry if I get a reaction
They're too paralyzed by emotion to give a reaction
I'm winning simply off of inner reaction within a reaction
Inner reaction within a reaction, it's bigger than rapping
Let him have his final thoughts
Cause martyrs die for a cause, you died for a cost

Danny Myers

Let me guess
You're a Christian Muslim
That shit is overblown
I'll slit your throat with a cross, how's that for religious overtones

This should've been spoken on but I'm amongst the furious crowd,
surrounded by abandoned buildings and AK bullets piercing the clouds.
A corrupt government and everything near me is wild.
Bitch I'm speaking through the eyes of a Syrian child.

I've been in war, way before you came across the border clown.
My pen has shown men how to blow up,
now I'm showing them that there's more to rounds/mortar rounds

The homie loaned me a used burner, he keep those thangs,
that bitch didn't come in its original case like pre-owned games.
When I stash the trey, you'll be cremated to ash today;
Once the Tom stay in his mouth the gun is then Cast Away

Get your focus right.
I'll poke this knife til he's a poltergeist.
You better seek shelter in Detroit like Eminem at an open mic

You're a joke, nobody believes you're out here clapping toys
You just a bitch nigga that talks to his co-workers in his rapping voice

I didn't have a choice
I ran with niggas who put niggas in the soil for me,
while you out here betting on battles with mommy and daddy's oil money

But you know the drill.
I keep fire, you can't peep Myers.
Why the fuck would y'all put the God of bar fest versus a weak writer?
I'll drive down the block looking for you, I'll spot you,
jump out, cross and sweep, that's the most basic combo in Street Fighter

But we got a lot in common, like the shit we rap about
We got a tainted mind
We sit down and paint a rhyme to express all the pain inside
But y'all notice something? Those bars? That aggression?
Ain't it mine?
Now I must kill my own creation, I'm Victor Frankenstein

You picked a dangerous time, the wrong nigga to offer the cal'
I'll punch you with the adrenaline a mother uses to lift a car off of her child
You know how somebody been dead for six minutes
And surgeons are working through a blood puddle with speed?
And then resuscitated and the first thing someone ask him is "What did you see?"

Well what if it's me?
Adored in reaper's cloth,
I'll feed your thoughts that were written in the lost pages like the beepers off.

It gets deeper boss
I can't promise I will not hurt you
You just a fake mark in this field
You like a crop circle, you the jealous type
Upset that my style will beat ya
Red dots will leave spots in his scalp like Alopecia.

The devil disguises himself as your friend.
You don't even know you got the beast with you.
Niggas be walking with the pitchfork in they circle like the peace symbol.

I leave him buried in his own backyard, I got the Glocks cocked
Two bad bitches will fuck up his house like knock knock

Albanian composer; Simon Gjonaj
Does that, ring a bell to you?
Well it should, you fucking stole his identity
But what you failed to do was recreate his greatness

I got to hunt these villains
I'm giving you death out of compassion, it's like a mercy killing
First we peeling the skin off his bitch, then let the gat burst
My German dog will hit the leek with me and do his brat worse
We clap first
And he on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got a whole 'nother round of this shit

Round 3


Now I'ma take you to the past

Said fans bagged to me slaughter names
Bagged, as in cold bodies that hand out when you wanted change
These rappers are all the same
Just empty fucking vessels that lack something
So they substitute substance with bad punches and I don't owe you a fucking thing
I'm what you had coming
But it's easy to give up everything when you have nothing

I hate the fucking expression "nothing to lose"
Is it priceless or worthless? I guess it's up to the view
See destroying your life was just something to do
But it's all sentimental, it only means something to you

I'm the black cloud on a perfect day with enough rain to drown you with
But I'm also the perfect day that surrounded it
The full map of a grand design
Just an idea trapped in a mind I can't fucking die
You don't think I've tried?
Yesterday I jumped off a fucking cliff and found out I could fly
I played Russian Roulette with a full clip and survived

I only left you alive just to suffer through the last one
A calculated risk, none of this is random
You're who the weak run to, I'm who they ran from
The people who hate my voice, don't even fucking have one

Get mutilated
Picture me stabbing a helpless victim or the hatchet hacking into him like an algorithm

A clear cut code of my own design
A basic operation where patients are prone to die
Cause I'm a neurosurgeon, I can only work with an open mind
And that's why...
An open mind, I mean try something you gon' see the other side

And that's why, in less time I'm better than you
You made a couple bad choices, I had nothing better to do than put the metal to you
Twin deuce deuces, what a catch 22

I said it's me versus you Danny
Did it really matter what league we battle on?

Sometimes you gotta take an extra step to decide what path you're on
But be careful who you step to
If you can't step up then step down and stay alive
You thought you would've stepped forward but really you were just an extra step to the side

My, how quickly Psycoses/psychosis passed then reality set in before the time stopped
Paul Pierce, the truth is, sometimes you gotta take a step back for the right shot

You were in the right spot Danny, but you picked the wrong time
So it's you I gotta cut in front of everyone to skip a long line

I'm not waiting, you should've never crossed my path Myers
You knew it would get bad Myers
I didn't want to have to bag Myers
But they told me I had to kill any and every one that admires/Myers

So I had to add Myers as part of my dark plan
And by the off chance you survive, I'm shooting with my off hand
Word to every fucking freckle you got, you've been a marked man

Danny Myers

You are fucking wack
I hope the fans had enough of you yet
Bitch, I can't die either
Just standing on my front porch is Russian Roulette

I wanna beat the shit out you
You know how someone been owing you money for like three months
Every time you see him he ain't got it
Then one day you just so happen to catch him and he out shopping?
That's when it's no longer about the money
This is easily comprehensible
Sometimes you just gotta whoop a nigga ass on principle

Bitch, I will Canelo Alvarez, right hand your soul in honor together
Along with a couple moves I stole from Conor Mcgregor
I lived in Detroit for years, on the west side, Dexter and Davison
I know niggas in Brightmoor and Inkster
I suggest you don't play with them
I freestyle battled Swan, was cool with the Dreadnaughtz
I ain't trying to exploit shit
But I ain't finna sit here and let a fake nigga tell me about some Detroit shit

I brought a knife for you
The Glock burst for his brother
Gjonaj will be next to the blade like a Clockwork Orange cover

Elbow, right hook, then catch this knee it'll leak ya
Y'all ain't seen an Arab pussy get beat like this since Mia Khalifa

See me with a sweeper, fuck yo' album, they half do it
When this MPC/see him I ain't gotta hear this Araabmuzik
This is all cerebral, a mental challenge that I have sworn to win
Fuck your religious angles, Jesus you're not battling Born again

This is me at 20%, these bars you couldn't handle fully
Hoe, a Christmas caroler couldn't hold a candle to me
I ran with bullies that'll put you on camera, don't become viral
Free Ah Di Boom cause I still rock with Jersey like Gun Titles
I'm unrivaled, absolute power, unbridled
Dumb Kyle will get shot at until it becomes idle
On my end, you'll get hit in the head with a sun dial
There gun fire before cops are called and your son dials

I'll kidnap your wife and your kid
They both part of a lesson
I gotta do this to 'em cause you both saw that aggression
I'll hold him to a fifth story window
Once the kids out the mom gon' go through it, that's postpartum depression

When they cheer for me, it gives me an energy beyond Myers
The crowd just adds to the heat, it's like a bonfire
If I ain't got the 4-5 or 12 gauge, the chopper suffice
This machine will tell you whether/weather we cool or not like a Doppler device

You can get it to advance warfare, the Tec gon' shoot,
tap his ex twice, she fly across the room, she got the exo suit.
Shawn Morrison writes half your shit
Behind the scenes he puts the time in
You just play the role as the Gunman behind Shawn pen/Sean Penn.

I'll walk up on him, won't say a word, then the toast lifting ya,
this silencer conversates with the dead it's like a ghost whisperer.
I'm outta here.
What's the difference between a whisper and a scream when they're both done out of fear?
I'll pull the trigger under your chin, all out in public,
put your thoughts in the sky you can think with cloudy judgement.
For the last years, I've been at every stage and I smoke writers,
and tell Hollow Da Don, "you gotta see me for that G.O.A.T. title."
And he on the ground with this shit
Thank the Lord he ain't got another round of this shit