PNut vs. Bonnie Godiva

Full lyrics to what was arguably battle of the night at KOTD's "Battles At The Bunker."

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Round 1

Bonnie Godiva

Let me talk to y'all before I get in my groove.
Last time I was around, I beat Realiztic in four days,
so tell me what do I got left here to prove?
I know he asked for a name but, I asked for one too,
so why the fuck did I get left here with you?

They say a closed mouth don't get fed but
Y'all gave me P Nut/peanut and now it's like an elephant's in the room

But I know, you like to freestyle right?
So what you gon' say? I'm the elephant?
Well go ahead then, come up here and front
Just know that one wrong move, I'll be an elephant to you
That just mean I'm putting Nut in the trunk

You think you King Of The Dot, I post up, waiting for him to TalkBack
He ain't think I was crazy til I'm in Nut house/nuthouse with my arms strapped
Everything you say, dick and ass, we both had DNA but I'm not that
You can try dumping me but I'm not Math

Who you kidding? My niggas use to gorillas
This half white boy die where the croc's at

You not rap, your two fans in L.A. will kill you in secs to bring 'Pac back
The Glock clap, they couldn't protect Nut with a jock strap
You got that? I can tell from your frail ass wrists you do not scrap
So get the 10 if you want
I wouldn't miss the P Nut/peanut if he leaned sideways with a top hat

Your girl? I know just where to plant her/planter
That's why y'all bugging thinking he more talented
I'll draw on him and put his frame all over the wall for the peanut gallery

Boy you fucking with great, hide your filler it's a fucking disgrace
Don't just rap nigga, be that nigga
Give me something that's ugly, that's nasty to taste
Say some shit like, "Bonnie would use your grill as a cum rag but you're used to having Nut in your face."
See that's half of the bait but y'all get slashed at a bank and still wouldn't cut to the Chase

You know what's up
Like if we had a shootout, you showing up?
Nigga even suited for war
First round he freezed next to the Cal' like Loaded Lux

So go 'head and call me a "bitch" nigga
But I'll put this bitch nigga in a cobra clutch
You think I won't crack a shell open and leave you leaking you sniffing that coca Nut/coconut

Your blood? They'll be soaking up
And here's how the story goes
The 40, blew Nut through the wall, that's a glory hole

The last nigga I battled, I'm saying that cause you a Deadman too
But anyway, the last nigga I battled, QP, yeah he was on the Maury Show
But you gon' get the First 48 and no words, just text under the table like boring dates
I cool, hell
You'll get pennies for thoughts, I move wells

So who you trying to showboat for?
I mean we all caught wind that your crew sailed
You're too frail and I don't spare shook niggas so don't you dare look bitter
This ain't lunchtime, it's crunch time
And every bone in P Nut still look brittle

So don't stare too long or knife victim, I ice pick him
You'll leave here facing more holes than The Saurus's yearbook pictures


P Nut

Ayo Bonnie G

Who gon win? Prolly me
It's battle of the sexes, but say I got sloppy D it's Rocky 3
You bring a hot to the ring than Folgers, coffee beans, pop and squeeze
Hit your left and right wing; hockey team
Golly G I, give her the piece/peace that's Gandhi steez
And leave dots on her muffin like poppy seeds

I'm possibly, the wrong one to bicker with
I don't know which angle to take, but even if it's hit or miss
I'll hit a miss with the same dish she made dinner with
Fuck your Twitter pics
I got two words for you: stripper tits
You're only sexy when the liquor hits and still can't please where Richard is

Survival of the fittest
Think we fam' until I flip the script
Dig a ditch and leave a sister behind like Cinderella when the slipper fits

I'm sick of this, but it's cool, cause we ain't close
So we ain't gotta bond Bon', rub the buns Bon'
She ain't fat, she got Puffy jeans/genes that's Sean John
You fuck rappers than brag about it, my respect for you is long gone
I'll burn Bon' with the Tom Tom, I'm Don Juan
Kill the pussy then sleep inside it like a Tonton

I lock on everything from men to you, you passed Math
John John was lesson two, I ain't really trying to focus on the men and you
But it's funny how them pounds gave a trend to you

Rep your crew, YTG, used to be Innuendo
Cause we in yo' window, and if you with it, in the end you win doe
But, when do you win though?
Funny how you switch crews but still let dudes in your window

So fuck the chain, your name alone has a rep for porn
So the question forms, who's next? Ness or Born?
Chef or Storm?
Ayo Debo, it's obvious you're less informed
The only shot she deserves the Depo form

I mean ain't you heard? Less is more you attention whore
You leave black balls dry, you're a peppercorn
You used to be good, now a days your progression poor

So back it Bonnie, if you rap, you prolly seen the back of Bonnie
That's why nobody's backing Bonnie
So laugh at Bonnie cause if two tits equal a title shot, I'm attacking Bonnie
I'll pack a Tommy and split the couple like Shaq and Shaunie

Rest in peace to Caddy
Shit, now a days I'm on the same path as Ronnie
That means I'll start with one hit than give her more
If my dawgs want a piece I tell them "sic the whore"
The second she hit the floor? I give her my knee (Hermione) like Gryffindor
That's Hermione-her my knee, Gryffindor
I'll put her in the figure four
You may have battled some fucking men but you ain't seen this shit before


Round 2

Bonnie Godiva

They really flew me, back from NY to Cali, just to give you a shot
This is an actual Biggie
But whoever assist in this chapel get drawn on like this is Vatican City
You think you matching up with me?
Boy if I throw a jab to your kidney
One nip will leave you hanging like you're actual titties

The thought of you harming me, comedy
I'm not a P Nut fan
Your dogs sleeping on you holmes
It could be you and Snoop, that still wouldn't be a P Nut gang

Go run and hide, fuck who told you, you tough, your mother lied
But choose wrong and you'll lose blood like a cousin died

This fag wouldn't pop, he got the swag of a cop, I wonder why
Maybe you should stand next to Farrell, you been a Mark, that makes you The Other Guys

I should get you chucked off the roof
No, you might as well just run off and jump
You better Step Brother before I put Nut on a drum

But on another note, I give Nut the butter and watch the fucker choke
Calling animal cruelty how P's the (PETA) one spilling blood on his coat
PETA spill- it's aight

This outdated bastard is a Shady rapper
Like on the surface he look and ready
But inside he's really all forgiving, promotes wholesome living
And even says "no" to women

I mean you should see it
Soon as they give him a hole to dig in
He's like, "You know what? Maybe we should call it a night. I don't want to make the wrong decision."
I mean P Nut, make up your mind are you a smuck or (Smucker) not?

Do P Nut freeze up when he see the jam?
Well either hand make you fly from the Hook like Peter Pan

I give Peter, pan
Split P down to vegetable soup, I'm Progressive I keep a can
But since you look like Uncle Fester I see the reason you need a hand

I'll let my whole team do her dirty, Lebron style when I let your moms have it
These bars right here, Monday morning at welfare, the lines ratchet
And you suck on beat, you might as well blow a candle and start waxing
Cause you live the life of a pussy so bitch make your bars match it

You swear you prone to violence but complain vers' Dose that you ain't known
That's childish
I know real niggas with pops that they don't acknowledge
Who grew up broke and jobless, got hope in college
Then still graduated, broke and jobless
And you mad about rap nigga?
If you was a real black nigga, you'd know your whole fucking life gon' be a broken promise

But y'all think P Nut special right?
So go 'head with them stories and get a laugh
About QP writing for me
Or Math looking up to as a better dad
But real talk, I made myself pop, with my father's approval
Now I'm at a door (matador) so when I hear that bull I ain't never mad
Cause I know deep down inside
You just mad that I get the career that you'll never have


P Nut

I said ahh

Battling Bonnie, I ain't got a bit of worry
Hit man for hire, get green over beef like chimichurri
Flip the birdy, Xcel, Dose and you
I'll make a name off the three and get a glimpse of Curry
I'm sick, if y'all think the chick can cure me, she chicken curry
She got her eyes on the chain, but her vision blurry
I'm vicious, nerdy, mean punches, the quickest flurry
That hit below the belt, like her tits at 30

Let's be real, this whole shit is gimmick worthy
I told people I'm battling Bonnie
They said, "P why? Cause if she had a dick she'd be another rapper on PY."

See I know the facts, no holding back
You could be anything in, who the fuck told you that?
I mean you should be an actress with a golden plaque
Cause you play a part whenever rappers grope your back

The list goes on but let's close the gap
You can't be a model engrossed in fat
Your body you Let It Go, that's a Frozen track
Frozen tracks, you can't make a move so you're phoning Smack
Cause battling is your only outlet, you're a cul de sac

I notice that you play the gender role like the shit's corrupt
But give it up, it's not cause you're a woman that we're quick to punk
I mean listen up, if you were really top ten, you'd be listed once
But the ship has sunk
I mean yeah, you got the power to script the punch
But we don't like Lisa Leslie and that bitch can dunk!

This chick's a stunt
You fish for funk I'll rock yo' shit backwards like I missed the bus
Let's be real, you don't bring shit to this league but tits and trunk
King Of The Dot, without Bonnie it ain't missing much
Our resumes got a different touch
I rely on bodies, YOU can't catch a body so you rely on yours to build it up
But the jig is up, jiggle butt
You want a shot at the chain? How 'bout you fucking win for once?
It's probably asking a little much, but stop looking for handouts
Try being a push up bra and use your pad to lift you up

I said "fuck Bonnie", I hate you from your face to your titty tat
Your punches ain't shit, they pity pats
So gimme that, you gon' face a Hollow, like they pity Pat
See I'm a Bad Boy, tell Diddy that
50 gats coming for G-Unit like 50 raps
That semi clap? You'll get it near the bush, that's a Wrigley catch

What the fuck you gon' do? Diddly jack
Stand there and just receive the damage
You got two options, leave or vanish
I'm better than you so, I give me advantage
Who's winning? Me ho (mi hijo) I ain't speaking Spanish

Round 3

Bonnie Godiva

You talking 'bout using my pad to life me up, right?
Well I can turn one of your lines better that you just said to show I'm dope with that
What you should've said is, I'll come through and give your whole street a round, that's a cul de sac

I seen your last battle in [?] boy
Now I'm off the Dose, let's cut the jokes
Divorced couple in bed, we ain't fucking close
Don't get it twisted like nuts and bolts
I'll give Nut the bolt but as far as nuts, I'm cutting both

I mean, I'm dealing with P Nut, right?
You've been coming out your shell lately
So I'm thinking it's time I up and roast

Why you look so salty P Nut?
Is it cause you a Finding Nemo fan
Or cause when you jerk off it squirt off and you don't even need both hands?
On top of that, we don't know if you got a baldy or a Cesar fam'
It's either like you got the worst barber or best chemo plan

How you trying to campaign for presidents if nobody knows your face?
You wanna know why you on the most underrated run ever?
Cause nobody knows your race
Like are you Haitian? Mexican? Middle Eastern? Half Caucasian?
Are you fucking, I don't know, Spanish? Portuguese? Pacific Islander? Are you Asian?
You know what? I think he's Indian cause now I'm having reservations

Like, I'm a heavyweight, sick with the skill
He featherweight, he just stick to the quill
I would say you best in the house nigga
But you was never a top pick in the field

I mean you have right? But that don't mean you can rap with niggas
And having action figures, only means you get no action, figures

Save your penmanship, derelict heritage, pace for emphasis
You could switch up your tone but you ain't the stereotype

AM feminine
Let's settle this
You were the first to get booked then brought light in the game, that's Sega Genesis
But I'm the second bitch to take you out the Family, Guy cause Mega Definite

I mean, wake up
I know, I know you hate AM (Ayem)
Every morning the hate hang over your head seeing as how you hate AM (Ayem)
But you picked the wrong night
And we gon' see if it dawn on you after I break AM (Ayem)
I'm 730 but the big hand on the .45, you'll get ate/8:00 AM (Ayem)

The Glock that I enter, like a doc with no temper
I never felt patience
.22 pinned to his head if he Hellraising
Then you know what I'ma do
Y'all know what I'ma do to P Nut?
Put him underground with a shell casing

But you know what? You ain't even flip that shit about elephants, that's sad
You a little irrelevant bitch
That's why they see P Nut dropping now
Cause you ain't use to all that elephant shit


P Nut

I ain't have to flip that elephant shit
And that cul de sac line I liked it better, see when it comes to this battle shit
We got different views, this shit is true
Your tits are what positioned you, but listen boo
I don't care if you show up butt naked to this battle, your gimmick's through
I mean yeah, sex sells but sometimes we wonder which are you?

I mean it's real talk, I came here to wig on Bonnie
Like that fucking wig on Bonnie

I said word on the street, people scared to battle Bon'
I guess I fell for that bait like the tackles strong
But this a mismatch the fashion wrong
I get it, she rapped against men so y'all clap along
Til I spin her in circles, that's a Gravitron

See you, you babble on so a gat is drawn
If you put her on the same level Gattas on
Fuck this battle, I just came to hit, but don't pass the bong
Cause in this rap world, rumors get passed along
Cause for years, we ain't know you rap
We just knew you from the head like how Galactus drawn

I'll battle anyone, I don't care if it's chick or man
Knock her down then ghetto soccer high, kick her cans
Beat me shit, you better have a different plan
You have no chance before you entered the ring, you Vince McMahon

I give a fuck what Bonnie is, fat broad or skinny chick
I hate everything about you, I'm a Disney flick
So get me lip, there's a round coming at you, that's frisbee shit
Fuck Bonnie, I had better options, the list be thick
You were number 66, I'm here to shoot down warriors, I'm the Lizzie clique
One shot burn her chest, that's a whisky sip
You sick of gun bars? Cool, I'm with the shit
I'll ditch the clip and kill her with no 'matic that's gypsy shit

See Bonnie, you don't got bars like that
Your bars type wack
There's a reason Math left you and he ain't march back
No I'm just playing

See I don't know the history of this woman here
To get over Math, prolly took a year
As wifey material, you prolly had him shook in fear
Cause how could he expect you to cook in the kitchen, shit you can barely cook in here

I know, I know, I know, I know
"He's using the Math angle, uh!"
Of course I would, it's a planned win, you don't like it? Get a stand in
I went from the bitch Math put his hands on to the bitch put his hands in

So listen Bonnie, just shut the fuck up and own the shit
Cause everything I fucking say is true
From every rapper you fucking screw to the buzz you blew, it's nothing new
If the chain had a dick she would suck it too

Listen, here's what you do
You treated your life like a reality show til reality shows
The only person you're Punk'd is you
So I can't talk about Math? You fucking hypocrite
You made a name off the people that trusted you to please the little girl that's stuck in you
To the point you look in the mirror and wonder "Who the fuck are you?"
So...who the fuck are you?

You wanna be treated like a woman? Fucking act like one
You wanna be a title contender? Fucking rap like one
You keep acting like a bitch, you'll get slapped like one
And I've been waiting to say that fucking word since I spat line one

Cover image by Michael Marshall.

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