Caustic vs. Rone

The full lyrics to the KOTD title match from "World Domination 6."

Watch the battle here.

Round 1


I said what's up homie? Welcome to your own lobotomy
You may have sent Dirtbag Dan back to local comedy but ain't no one stopping me
We are World Domination 6, right? The whole globe is watching
Ain't that about a bitch? Like a Rone biography

I said my dude, I'm honestly happy for you
I thought you'd never be the champ son
Shit, we six bars into this title match
and it's already better than the last one

I mean I'm way too advanced son I can do shit that you've never did
That's why I gotta take his last breath before he get a second wind
I mean I heard you was gonna get personal with me, I must've got in his head
Y'all been begging for a king but instead you got a God in the flesh

You want your style...your style? Is as obvious as it gets
You rap like how bitches talk to their pets
Like, "Oh, you gon' rap like this is things you gotta handle
Oh. You gon' talk to Daniel like a Cocker Spaniel AARF!
Boy I catch you slipping on yo' campus while you flannel
Boy I gotta choppa knock you out your socks and sandals!"

This so don't panic, your punches do no damage
I'll [?] turn your nose into nothing but bone fragments
Body blows, give him a bleeding heart like a hopeless romantic
I'm nomadic, I leave Earth with no hope of going home to my own planet
You my bro Adam but that don't mean I won't got at him
Throw blows at him, bury him up to his throat and throw stones at him

You get cold feet? I toe tag you
You know that chrome Magnum
But that forehead cro magnum
My bullets hit you ricochet and hit Gully and Organik

I said they keep calling you a king but I think this king needs the boot
I mean honestly this whole chain needs a control+alt+delete and reboot
This guy called me a fucking "weed" man
But I think we can see the truth
I think he's just jealous of the weeds at least weeds has some roots

I mean my dude, you dressed up like fucking Abraham Lincoln trying to gain some views
And then you rapped about freeing slaves while all the black people tried to escape the room
The craziest shit is
Out of all the angles this lame could use
It's funny you dress like Abe Lincoln but you're the one getting the chain removed

I'm way too smooth, you ain't never been great
Let's face facts Adam I'm already a legend today
But I swear to God the only thing black in your house is electrical tape
He probably calls the cops on his own shadow like, "Stop him. He's getting away."

You're a fucking faggot with no stripes

You wanna gamble but no dice
This fool Adam is so white he won't even reach in his bars
He's had everything handed to him his whole life

I said, he'll out write me and then out white me
You don't want to mess with dude
He's never struggled a day in his life, his parents put him on a pedestal
He's got a top five but no non-white rappers
He's got a tattoo right above his champ stamp that says #Alllivesmatter
He loves chai tea, tai chi
He hates Spike Lee, doing The Right Thing
He loves Skyping, typing, hiking, biking
The word "Reiching", evidence hiding, stereotyping, racial profiling
Pretty much any white thing ain't anything like me
You ain't prepped for survival
Cause a year from now, nobody's gonna remember when you went viral
You may have cheated death before with Illmac' but now your destination is final
We can all judge this book by this cover cause the story ends with the title

That's one BITCH!

Round 1


Roney Bae the King, formerly the prince
I call him "Cocker Spaniel" cause he's always been my bitch

Oh, so you're the super villain career ender
Well I dig that
I heard you even ended a marriage before, well that's a sick stat
But my rhymes change lives too, you doubt my impact?
Have you seen Big T lately? He's 170 with a six pack

World Domination
What? I gotta break him down geographically?
I mean Taiwan fucks with me
I guess I got that Taipei (type A) personality
I mean chickas want my Calvin's off
No strap to get my style across
Cause I rap like I got an Eagle that's the size of an albatross

I was whipping the drop Regal that's blacker than Don Cheadle
You're pall (Paul) bearer, the jaw (John) ring gon (Ring) say "shells these are not Beatles"
Do you like your pops leave you
Horror script and the plots evil
And I already killed you once, my stories don't got sequels

I'll run up on him like the Rocky steps
Slash him with a hockey stick
I killed him once, I gotta kill him again like he's a zombie flick

But there's no skeletons in my closet so this ain't another body
You're only as good as the dirt you have and you have nothing on me
I mean, I didn't cheat on my girl, not a whore in my house
But not because I have morals let me just dispel that lie now
And not because of love, let me shoot that right down
I didn't cheat cause I was scared fucking Caustic would find out

Fucking Sherlock Holmes

He bides his time, thinking he's kinda sly
Stealing receipts, checking what I would buy like some kind of private eye
But I got hip to the game quicker, we're not painting the same picture
'Kay wigger? There's a difference between a dirt digger and a grave digger

See, you're finished

Well...done stick a fork him
The mortician the 28.4 liter Ford engine
The unicorn I'm Porzingis in the form with it
I'm Ben Simmons on the floor spinning
A centaur while he's formed shifting but Caustic is just
Light and projection, it's pure physics

You had the same hair/beard combo as every pussy at Coachella
So you can not be hard, it's a simple little fact
Plus you have the same voice as the pig from Toy Story
So it's only right I dump that nickle in his back!

Yo, I'll hit your niece with the braces
Get her tea bagged til her teeth snag, I'm her new dentist

You fuck with [?] I use her team flag as a skeet rag
I'll let the team shag
I could get half of your family tree bag
Your baby mom is 43, does speed and let's her jeans sag

Your baby mom looks like a drag queen, I'll get your queen dragged
Rip his beard off, do his Adam's apple like a speed bag
I don't care if Soul's punch was softer than a fucking bean bag
You got slapped and just stood there just like that shit was freeze tag

I mean, daaaaamn Daniel
I bet that pussy wet as dam Daniel
That pussy got man handled
He hit it then kick it out he told to go pan handle
Watch me grand stand you
{punching sounds} Van Damme you
{punching sounds} Damn Daniel you don't understand I'm snuffing your man's candle

Watch me back stab you, over and over again like the needle gone on a back tattoo
Check, check, Martin Havlat you
Fold him, zip him, knapsack you
Style on him, Rat Pack you
Whip my phone out, fucking battle and beat him then fucking Snapchat you

But wait, wait, wait, wait

Maybe, keeping it all rappity rap is keeping it too basic
So if I acted how you act, well how would you take it?
Cause if I was you, I would probably name your girl and call her "a hot mess"
If I was you, I would take your statements out of context
If I was you, I'd go low and come at your pops next
If I was you, I'd probably blame you for Cadalack Ron's death
I mean, getting high, getting high-

{Caustic gets mad and threatens Rone}

Listen to me Caustic! Listen to me Caustic!
Getting high in front of a recovery addict, why would he need that?
I can't believe that
So if I was you, I would probably blame you for his relapse

But I'm not you

I'm not you
I just know my friend would like to hear his name dropped
And I miss him
You miss him too?
Well I'ma put you in the same spot
Rest in peace, that's one

Round 2


Ooooh, he's gonna get personal with me, Oh gee golly wiz I can't wait
Why don't you go drink some fucking bleach since you think being white's that great
You used to be my right hand man, now you don't deserve my handshake
Game Of Thrones shit, still the King Slayer even though my right hand fake

I said I wish a motherfucker would, I be chopping 'em down
Blocks will come out, I be making Mr. Booblaka Chilaka Boo sounds
When it comes to rapping bitch I've been snapping longer than locker room towels
I'll have you stretched on a table with the doctors around
Just to tell you you ass out like a hospital gown I was walking around thinking like, "Dude
What would make Adam just madder than hell?
What would take all the wind outta his sails."
Then he said, "Well we should mention our girls names."
Well, don't you date that bitch Allison Dale?
Yeah? Why don't you pass the message to that slut and tell her I can excel in every way that Adam has failed
If you look at her pictures, her eyes are sad you can tell
She's so used to having two hands grabbing her tail
And get her asshole impaled by more African males than a crack addict in jail

And that's hard...

You know, that's a hard thing to live up to
But he makes up for it with a strong back rub and a solid "I love you."
He be kissing that bitch on the mouth like it's the love of his life
But deep down he knows he just ain't fucking her right
She's got the Black Snake Moan she likes a little mud in her pipes

I don't even know why she fucks this guy
He's all types of bitch, he's got red lips and rosy cheeks
Who the fuck you supposed to be? Tyler Swift?
You fucking giant vagina lip

I don't get what part you're not understanding
I don't know any other man in the world that could've called to have a mirror match with a tranny
I mean this is the difference between us
Y'all looking at a glimpse of a genius
But with all these pussy ass feminine little physical features
We all agree, there's No Shame if you decide to get rid of your penis

Well hold on, I got a question
How come every time somebody mentions a time Rone got molested
His face immediately looks like he just got a Botox injection?
Now, it's my chance to get him so, I better get him

I mean, fans love to tell you what you can and can't talk about but you know me, I never listen
They said "It's an automatic loss if you talk about Sandusky or any of his alleged victims."
Well as far as I'm concerned if you getting defensive about getting molested then you probably got fucking molested with 'em

Now I know talking about Sandusky is played but y'all know I got a little something to say
To be honest Adam, I've uh...studied your case
And I'm not saying that being molested makes somebody gay were on the track team
At any point did you consider just...running away?
Is that not something you would try?
I mean all those years of learning how to take a baton from behind
It's like you learned nothing from the guy

I mean maybe that's why your little album Committed was trash
You haven't dealt with all that shit from your past
Maybe all those Sandusky dicks in your ass changed your pitch when you rap
All those sexual assaults and you never did nothing back?
You got raped by your running coach no wonder you sound like such a bitch on your tracks

See I like saying shit like that just to watch him get rattled
But if you wanna see some really weird shit, why don't you check out his Complement Battle
Now, the second I turned it on I knew there was something fucking strange going down out here
But it did answer a long time question
Who's dick do you gotta suck to get a title shot around here?

And then you think and it's just you know, it's just Adam and Patrick
They're always coming up with the wackiest antics
You know, running around Canada, acting like faggots

But that's the part that makes me think somebody really raped you
Maybe you overplayed the gay thing to cover up how uncomfortable it actually makes you
So while you were out there pretending to be a couple gay dudes
How about the fact that for all that gay shit you did, Pat never actually paid you

Awww, this shit just got incredibly real

Aye, he done sucked a dude's dick and didn't even keep up his end of the deal
Adam calling every day and Pat's like, "Don't worry Adam you getting it still."
And then you took him out to dinner in L.A. and you got fucking left with the bill

That's amazing, my dude Pat, screwed you for two wacks
And you didn't do shit bitch, what part of Philly did they do that?
I mean and I don't blame him, look at Pat, he'd fucking whoop his ass

He wasn't trying to scuffle but he played it like it was an accident but you actually kind of got hustled
I bet you was having Sandusky flashbacks yelling at Pat like, "Why did I trust you?!"
It sucks Adam you just can't help but get fucked by the guys you look up to

I said you either real or you ain't dawg, there ain't no in-between
We ain't cut from the same cloth, I'm tailor made for the game or so it would seem
Cause when it comes to rhyming I'm on top if you know what I mean
You a cup of noodle, I'll peel your lid back just to blow off some steam

Infrared beams look like techno lasers
Dealership maintenance you just met your maker
So now's a good time to go ahead and accept yo' savior
Before I make the Devil your fucking next door neighbor
I said that's a sign you're a bitch, I ain't here to impress no haters
I said the deuce deuce is a good buy/bye, I protect my paper
In a fair one, you won't fare well, I don't respect yo' gangsta
Plus I got a piece so long it'll catch you later


Round 2


Man, that fucking gangsta shit is the weirdest shit I've heard about you
I talked to the rest of the white battle rappers and to be honest
The fellas are getting worried about you

Bro, it's like you can't decide if you're Jamal or Geppetto
An Italian who acts black? Where you from? The Spaghetto?

Talking about this fake drug dealer shit
Selling, copping, never stopping
Bragging 'bout who he sold to, Benny, Robby, Jenny, Johnny
He even made a deal in a Denny's lobby with Hammurabi
Bro, you know who else sold weed before? Fucking everybody!

Bro, my little sister, sold packs of loud shit
You don't hear her bragging 'bout it
My grandma's stylist was packing ounces
Shit, so was my dad's accountant

If you do all this secret illegal shit then why would you tell us?
He's like, "Gangsters move in silence
And did I mention I sell drugs?"

Well, I [?] whatever drugs you got
I'm talking crack, pills, heroin
Even if it's legal drugs, I'm talking Advil, Claritin
I'll throw your bitch off the roof like I'm Dan Bilzerian
I'll throw your shoes on the phone line while your man's still wearing 'em

You wife her, I'll snipe her like click click boom, La Di Da Di
She on the patch then I'm Slick Rick smooth
I'll send a photo of the bands then send a dick pick through
That's the chicken and the beef like a McPick 2

But I got a top five reasons you should not rap

Number 1: you are a cable guy for Comcast
You know what? Fuck the list, we can stop flat
Reasons one through five, they are all that

Fucking cable guys deserve a special section of Hell
Where the Devil tortures them sometime between 7:00 and 12:00
Fucking Ferry the Cable Guy, our second battle isn't stressing me
But I feel like Matthew Broderick cause the Cable Guy is obsessed with me

So this for every time you said 5:00 and showed up after 6:00
This is for every strangers toilet that you clogged with a massive shit
This is for every shitty operator y'all have ever had talk to me
Every one of them in India who claims their down the block from me

Fucking cable companies are an inherently un-American symbol
Comcast runs a Monopoly and you just play the thimble

So I want remunerations for dealing with your faggot shit
So after I beat you, you're hooking me up with all of the sports packages
You know what? Fuck all the sports packages
I don't want sports packages let me be more accurate
I want the porn packages
Fucking Skinamax? Gimmie that
Bunny Ranch? I fucks with that

He's already asked but here's something you should know about me now
If I can't have battle rap I will burn it to the ground
I mean, Dizaster's been ducking me like I'm not in that class
Dizaster's been ducking me like some kind of Math class
I heard Tay Roc run his mouth, how is he a threat?
Bro, I would take care of Roc/rock like a Chia Pet
Bro, I would take care of Roc like a PG vet
Bro, I would take care of Roc like a vet PG
I whip Roc/rock like Nash when he's MVP
I would get rid of rock like an NBD
I'll 30 Rock/Roc like the studios at NBC

And y'all might think I'm losing focus, but maybe you should know this
Before the battle I Instagram'd evidence that he doesn't write his own shit
So log onto @adamferrone to read every word now
Or just wait cause we'll get into it in that third round

Round 3


Yo, you mentioned my homie Ron...I swear to God I'm a writer
Bitch I could check this dick and feel nothing, I'm like Bonnie Godiva

They said, "Caustic, did you see Day 1? 'Cane was snapping."
I was like, "Yeah, yes. But all his good lines were about me so I guess he still needs Caustic bars to get a major reaction."
I said, oh you didn't buy nothing right, 'Cane?
What the fuck were you paying for when you made the transaction?
You know what? You can just walk around with this L but I guess Stranger Things have happened

I said my dude came
It was three years I was hoping that you'd change
But you're still the same bum begging for bars with loose change
I said you still got your mouth wrapped around another dude's name
You're like a shamed Olympian blaming the steroids for the poor decisions that you made

I said, Al can fucking blow me
At this point Al owes me some alimony
Acting like I snitched on somebody, no I just alerted my actual homie
About some fucking stranger who didn't pay me the fucking full amount that he owes me

But I'm no angel though
We've all gotten a couple bars along the way, you know?
But shit if we wanna talk about the ratio
I don't need a bunch of Facebook conversations posted to tell you what I gave to Rone

Oh...did you forgot?
When we were out there in England?
Don't Flop for the weekend
You couldn't finish your rounds cause you was too busy drinking
I gave you a whole round for Youthoracle right in front of you without even blinking
You're like, "Hey, thanks Caustic I'm sorry I choked. But you don't write how I be normally speaking
But hey it'd be cool if we could keep this our little secret."

Awww, you little fucking faggot dude
Aye, you mad at me?
What about a week before your battle with T
And didn't have much help to give you but I did give you a little something didn't I you manatee




I mean imagine me
Bunch of people get credit for my writtens
But I can tell you like this, I've taken a lot less than I've given
So whoever's feeding you your information is telling you some fucking fiction
And besides, Erik Foreman helped you write this whole fucking battle so what's the fucking difference?!


See, if you look at his name it'll prove that he's a hypocrite in the long run
Cause he likes to sit around and call people frauds even though you are/R one
I said I know who I am, these battlers should have a natural fear
But this is your second title match
I've had bars in title matches for the last three and half years
And if you're confused, you think that shit is weird
And you don't think that shit is actually true
Then why aren't you taking a second and ask half of the fucking battlers in this room

But it's Rone!

It's Rone who they've given me
He composes it like a symphony
He's simply, says simple things a bunch of filler schemes and similes
But he hides it behind this whiny high pitched delivery
So you can't tell he's the least quotable rapper in King Of The Dot history

I mean every since you became a little mini-celebrity
You think you got all the answers like that guinea from Jeopardy
I'm sick of this fucking rich dickhead kid disrespecting me
The only privileged I ever had in my life was a fifth of Hennessy
And after I finish that I'm gonna find your little sister Stephanie
And dig her the fuck out like a hysterectomy
See him and Erik Foreman have been on the internet instant messaging
Desperately trying to discredit me
To make me lose I swear to God they'll do anything

But, I've got enemies
Got a lot of enemies but both you faggots 'bout to get the same vasectomy

But since you're a man of education let's look at it scientifically
You lost momentum while I gave it a simple transfer of energy
Cause if you break it down to the chemistry
Your volume to the masses doesn't have any density
Cause even in the most basic of matters
You just can't trust Adam/atom cause they make up everything


You're a liar bro. You're a liar


I'm a liar? I'm a liar?
That's your observation?
The best you got is a 2012 Photoshop conversation?
Suck a fucking dick?
That shit is fucking finished
You're supposed to be a fucking champion, now you out here coming with gimmicks

Dude that shit is fucking actually true
If you were a real fucking champion you would've showed up to the event and interacted with fans like champions do
Your trend ended before you started you're the Ed Hardy of battling dude

Dude, I was gonna retire after I won this shit

That's some shit I thought I never would say
I was just gonna take the chain and left y'all for dead
Then I thought about it, is that really how this legend will end?
Then I said, "Fuck it"
I'd rather stay and break Pat's record instead!

Let's go!

Round 3


So this is not a regular battle round
You know, a verse on his weaknesses
So fuck a crowd, fuck a crown, these are personal grievances

So let's not mince words
You missed your first battle with Big T cause you were hung over from some bad coke
On Friday you're doing great, the next day you can't go
Once the fans had their money paid and that's why you're fucking fake
Cause you were in Chicago at the venue but couldn't go because a tummy ache?
Bro, what the F is that?
How is he your expecting champ when he might miss any heavy scratch from a bout of the menstrual cramps
Fuck losing any respect, mine for dude didn't exist
Cause I did the same drugs and was fine, your immune system's a bitch

But the very worst thing from the scene from that night
Worse than Mr. Free Drugs being a fiend for that white
Is your slogan, "Free Drugs" I was believing the hype
And then I watched you pay for those shitty drugs at a fucking premium price
I mean, what happened to the slogan dawg? I really believed that
When I say "Grandmom's favorite grandson" ask my grandmom I really mean that

But yo, there's something bigger about your fame that has driven me insane
How you made your whole name off of ghostwriting for Arcane
But behind the scenes us battlers know you in a different way
You are the most notorious recipient of shared bars in the game

Oh y'all want names?
Y'all want names?
Fresco never gave you bars?
Fredo never gave you bars?
Frank Stacks never gave you bars?
D-Lor never gave you bars?
Fucking Reverse Live never gave you bars?
Fucking Real Deal never gave you bars?
Bro, fucking Marvwon never gave you bars?
Madness never gave you bars?
Bro, and that's the ones I know, imagine ones I don't

Imagine all his secrets if that's the stuff he shows
I mean the first time he called me for bars we weren't even bros then
It was against fucking Roosevelt and that was back in '010

It's really just incredible what he does behind the scenes

{KOTD crowd member starts losing his fucking mind. Apparently shouting out at no one like he's on PCP or some shit}

I watched five battlers give him bars for Mr. 13
Vers' Arsonal, Chedda Cheese, every battle it's obscene
Last year vers' Big T it was full four bar schemes
And you still skipped the battle after I directly gave you bars
So stop lying you are not genius that you claim you are

Battles on 24 hours notice really aren't that exciting for him
When you realize he probably has like 24 writing for him
I mean, fucking getting bars, burning bridges, that just shows he's a selfish guy
His slogan "Free Drugs" that explains his health's decline
But after all his snitching it was on himself this time
Cause Mr. Free Drugs has always needed someone else's lines

And the way you vilified Arcane when you are ten times the cheater
That's like getting ethic lessons from fucking Carlos Mencia
Go and get your ghostwriters I guarantee they're not enough
Oh you write your own shit? Yeah so does Melania Trump

I said you really can't compare duke
I say shit they're scared to
You dig dirt, find someone that's written for me, I fucking dare you!

Bro, this is for all that bad karma you built up
All that cattiness displayed
Because all of that bad karma that comes back to you TODAY

So I hope you get STD's to what you said to Q-Shinobi
Based on what you said to K, I hope you lose one of your closest homies
For what you said to Caddy I wish you dope scared veins
And your mom deserves to die for what you said about Arcane
Based on Soul, I hope your girl moves away, far from you
From Jeff, I hope she cheats, just to make it hard from you
From Ex-I I hope you know the guy
And just to make it horrible
I hope it's one of your best friends from what you said to Arsonal
I hope they run a train on her from what you said to Cortez
I hope she gets a restraining order from what you said to Megadeath
Then I hope you get back together and the two of you have babies then I hope that fucking kid's retarded from what you said to Matt Daley

Bro, you are a rat and a snake

That's just how I see him
This is bigger than rap beefing, both coasts or regions
So I'm not lobbying for a win and I don't care if you believe it
But any league where he's the champ isn't one I want to be in!

Let's go man, that's it

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