Jack Thriller & Smack White Battle Over Instagram

Jack Thriller calls out Smack White to battle at URL’s “Rookies vs. Vets” card.

With SMACK/URL’s upcoming "Rookies vs. Vets" card already creating massive amounts of debate online, it looks as though the conversation may be accelerating to new heights as comedian Jack Thriller recently called out URL boss Smack White for a battle as some entertaining promotion for the March 28 event.

Stemming from the callout clip below, the two went on to spar over Instagram.


We’ve split the back-and-forth into rounds with the IG videos from Jack Thriller and the written responses from Smack White.

Round 1

It’s on Jack Thriller…



“@jackthriller you still talkin'?, how many years in this game and you don't think I'm sittin' on barz? >> "Notorious" in #theCulture, yup, I'm that BIGga / "Nightmare On" any "Street", yup, I'm that Killa' / Smack "White" plus the metal. Yea, That's a MAC MILLER / Point blank - my Aim make it easy to JACK>>THRILLA -#barz | #ROOKIESvsVETS!!! Get your tickets!!!!”

Round 2

Back to Jack Thriller…

A video posted by smackwhite (@smackwhite) on

Smack White replied:

“@jackthriller lol this my last round. You can't copy respect, bro, I'm Mr Classic / no Ring Card Girls when I'm scoutin' for Ratchets / you a dead man, charge it to the game like plastic / I quick, clap' Thrilla', n' leave him RED, like the Jacket, .... Get it? I won't even break it down.. Come on shun #sssmmmaaaccckkk, I ain't gon' lie man, this shit fun lol, MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR TICKETS!!! | #ROOKIESvsVETS 03.28.15 | Log On to@URLTV get your tickets, get your hoodies, rep your set, and tell Thrilla stop playing with me. Back to this vacay. | #youcantcopyrespect”

Round 3

It’s on Jack Thriller…

A video posted by smackwhite (@smackwhite) on

Wrapping up, Smack replied:

“Chill Killa', my barz mean with no filla' / "Ali" (I'll leave) "Joe" (yo) body in the Philippines, that's "Thrilla In Manila"... #dropsthemic... Come on Shun, I'm trying to chill @iamloadedlux but @jackthriller keeps asking for this work bro... #ROOKIESvsVETS 03.28.15, thrilla, I'll send one of my young guns to kill you. EZ, #smack!! Lol | #youcantcopyrespect | and remember, get your tickets in advance!!!”

Jack Thriller continued with more bars today:



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"Rookies vs. Vets" goes down on Saturday, March 28 at the Gramercy Theatre at 127 E 23rd Street in New York. Doors are scheduled to open at 1:00 p.m.

Tickets are available here.

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