The Best Of Battle Rap Instagram (March 15-21)

Laura Tarsi takes you on a tour of the highlights from Instagram last week.

From country singing to unexpected bars, this is the best of Battle Rap Instagram last week.

Daylyt poked fun at the PG Battlers (and started a new trend).

Real Deal debated becoming a country singer.

Lush One skyped with Alki David and Chief Keef.

Hollohan hung out with "Brick In Yo Face" rapper Stitches.

Hitman Holla got petty.

Murda Mook spoiled his daughter.

Daylyt danced with his new bitch.

After Jack Thriller and Smack White battled over Instagram, Nunu Nellz, Math Hoffa and Goodz took shots at the This Is 50 comedian and Smack White even dropped some footage.

Arsonal looked happier than ever at SXSW.

Eurgh promoted his fast-approaching Don't Flop Philadelphia event.

Young B's mom spoke at the L.A. Battlegroundz event dedicated to her son.

Charlie Clips celebrated his birthday.

And Loaded Lux got styled.

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