Carter Deems' Hit List: DMX, Rone & Head I.C.E

Carter puts the three rappers on his list before getting nervous and quickly taking them off it.

As half of the surprise announcement at King Of The Dot's "Back to Basics" event in L.A. last weekend, Carter Deems had a lot to say about the battle itself, the reception at the event, high fives and who's up next.

"There was a lot of high fives, y’know," he says of the atmosphere in the venue. "I was just going around doing my thing, saying 'Hey man, whassup?”' I think I said that to a girl one time too though. Kind of embarrassing. And I think I did a fist bump to a guy that was trying to do a high five."

The theme of high fives was one that tied in directly to one of his lines that took the roof off the venue.

"I didn’t expect him to go for the high five, y’know?" admits Carter. "I felt really bad about it, to be honest. I felt awful. I don’t know that I actually battled Illmaculate. That didn’t feel real, y’know?

Illmac popped in to give his two cents on why he accepted the battle, and Carter Deems' style. "It’s ridiculous to the point where you gotta take a look at what’s actually popular," he says. "That shit is like poetic justice for me, and one for the good guys."

Carter Deems lists Head I.C.E, Rone and DMX as emcees he'd like to battle by the end of 2015.

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