Dumbfoundead Smashes It In Battle Rap Return

The veteran Fresh Coast emcee speaks to BattleRap.com before and after his battle.

BattleRap.com's special correspondent Rone caught up with Dumbfoundead twice over the Blackout weekend, both before and after the Grind Time veteran took to the stage against Conceited in what was universally called one of the best battles of the weekend.

In the pre-battle interview, Dumbfoundead gave his thoughts on how far the culture has progressed since he last battled five years ago. “The battle scene is at its all-time high in my opinion,” he said. “Every battler is performing awesome, there’s mad different styles and also the money’s there, the organization is there … I like to see things that are just very well curated.”

Of the new school, he cites Lotta Zay and Daylyt as emcees who have caught his attention in his time away from the scene. “It’s gotten a lot better … I come into it with brand new respect for all the new cats and what everything’s been built up to now.”

He also gave a preview of what to expect from him. “My style back in the day was pure jokes,” he admits. “I wanted to come with something definitely more advanced, because I’m more advanced as an artist and a rapper as well."

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