Organik Explains "Blackout 4" Absences Of Method Man & Battle Rappers

Organik says he feels King of the Dot's "Blackout 4" was a success despite several cancellations.

Organik, founder, owner and host of King of the Dot, has addressed several rappers who could not appear at the company's "Blackout 4" event, which took place January 24-25, 2014.

Method Man, scheduled to be an event co-host, did not attend because he instead appeared at Beats Music's Los Angeles launch party over Grammy weekend. Three battle rappers meant to participate in the event, JC, Big T and Aye Verb, did not attend the event due to complications with crossing the border to Canada. Another battler, Ill Will, had problems with traveling due to legal issues. Remy D was involved in a car accident that left him with injuries that prevented his travel, and Rich Dolarz left Canada when he received word that a friend of his died.

In his statement, Organik expressed disappointment with travel complications and cancellations in general, while acknowledging that he hopes to reschedule many of these battles in the future.

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Organik's full statement can be found on RMBVA.