UW Battle League Addresses Loaded Lux Vs. Hollow Da Don YouTube Release

UW Battle League denies allegations that it will not release Loaded Lux's battle with Hollow Da Don on YouTube.

UW Battle League has confirmed that it will release Hollow Da Don versus Loaded Lux on YouTube, but it is set to be handled differently from what Battle Rap leagues have traditionally done with high-profile match-ups.

"The 'High Stakes' battles will not be immediately aired on YouTube like previous events hosted by UW," D Rock, a co-owner of UW Battle League, says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. "However, it will be aired at some point. We don't believe in holding battles hostage like some may do."

D Rock also explained why the company is not set to air the battle on YouTube immediately.

"As a company, we're striving to push the envelope, to encourage innovation and to expand the culture of Battle Rap," D Rock says. "The 'High Stakes' event gave UW Battle League the opportunity to accomplish all three goals. Our pay-per-view business model is a breakthrough opportunity which may come as a shock to many at first, given that its something different, but in the long run, it will only help advance the sport of Battle Rap."

UW Addresses Dependability Of Live Streaming PPV

UW's "High Stakes" is set to be aired live. Battle Rap leagues have had reservations regarding pay-per-view streaming in the past, at least in part due to a fear of the stream's feed dropping during live events. Canada's King of the Dot, for instance, has a pay-per-view strategy that requires a delay for a day for all pay-per-view streams, including its "Blackout 4" event, which is scheduled for this weekend (January 24-25, 2014). SMACK/URL, an American Battle Rap league, does not have a pay-per-view option for any of its events.

D Rock was asked about what precautions the league has taken to ensure the pay-per-view's reliability. "The 'High Stakes' event will be hosted and produced by a trusted production company via UStream's live pay-per-view capability," D Rock says. "One additional perk for pay-per-view customers is that they will have access to the content for an ample amount of time, allowing them to rewind something they might have missed. We're confident on the positive impact this event will have on the culture."

UW Says No Date Set For YouTube Release Of Hollow Da Don Vs. Loaded Lux

Still, no timetable has been set for the YouTube release of the battle.

"Eventually the battles will be available on YouTube," D Rock says, "but UW will not give any specific time because even better options are being negotiated, so at the end of the day, the fans will be pleased. The fans are the priority."

UW's "High Stakes" event is set to feature several battles, including B Magic vs. Daylyt and Hollow Da Don vs. Loaded Lux. Hollow has said that Lux's camp requested that the battle not be released via YouTube.

"Me and Lux battle can only be witnessed in person or on da PPV," Hollow said in a December Twitter post. "No youtube at all...they got a tracker for bootlegs too."

In a series of posts, Hollow also referred to Loaded Lux as "greedy."

Lux's publicist, Jack Macnasty, spoke with HipHopDX on January 6, 2014 about whether the battle would be posted on YouTube.

"These claims of greed being the motivation behind the pay-per-view not going directly to YouTube are more ridiculous than true," Jack Macnasty's statement said. "It just sounds like a ploy by the empty messenger to distract the fan. It’s not going to work. If greed were the motivation, Loaded Lux would be battling on as many cards as he could get on, and he could get on all of them. But it’s not greed. It’s the future survival of the culture and the people that started it remaining in control of it that drives the business decisions that were made. And no it’s not in Lux’s contract that the battle can’t go on YouTube. That is a lie. One of many that the empty messenger has told."