Big T Details 50 Cent Co-Sign & KOTD Debut Battle Versus Bender

Big T says Bender is "cool, but not as tough as people think."

Big T says he isn't worried about his upcoming battle against Bender, a co-headlining match up at this year's "Blackout 4" event.

"I think he is cool," Big T says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. "But not as tough as people think, to me, but he is fair."

Big T says Bender is coming into the battle, set to take place in Bender's home country, with an advantage.

"I think he might have the crowd on his side," Big T says. "But I'm no rookie to away games. I've battled the best in the world at [their] home town and beat them before."

Big T is certainly no rookie, with many battles in various American Battle Rap leagues, including his most prominent performances for SMACK/URL, where he's battled adversaries including Hollow Da DonTsu Surf and K-Shine. With this being his Canadian debut, Big T says he is going in with an awareness of differences between King of the Dot crowds and the crowds he's more used to performing in front of in the States.

"I think the difference is what gets the crowd to go crazy," Big T says. "The US crowds are into more punchline bars. As for Canada, it's more syllable runs and jokes."

Big T Addresses 50 Cent Co-Sign & His Use Of Gun Sound Effects

Big T's run with Battle Rap has led to a co-sign from 50 Cent, who has referred to him as one of his favorite battle rappers.

"The best rappers in the world are battling for thousands," 50 Cent said in an October 2013 interview with ThisIs50. "They've got bars. They can't write a record to save their lives. They got the lyrics all day...I'm entertained by them all the time. I just never went nowhere to battle nobody because there wasn't nobody paying...But I'm a fan of them. I like that kid. You know who I'm talking about? The big kid...The brother said, 'I got that chalaka-boo wit' me.' After he said that, I've been a fan of him."

"Chalaka-boo" became a trademark of Big T's battles, but he's also utilized other onomatopoeias in his battles. Recently, his sound effects for guns became a running joke on Dirtbag Dan's Dirtbag Dan Show and it was also used as a punchline during Charlie Clips' recent battle against Tsu Surf. Big T also addressed the perception of his onomatopoeia usage.

"I feel [Clips] was making a punch out of it, but you know Dirtbag Dan was more making fun of it because he don't understand the creativeness behind it," Big T says. "But I'm more about gambling and pushing the envelope. I've been doing the sound effects, but it seems like ever since 50 Cent's co-sign, now people got a problem with it, but hate is the new love so I'm good with it."

Big T's battle against Bender is the co-headlining match at this year's "Blackout 4," which is scheduled to feature several other Battle Rap artists, including Conceited, Arsonal and Charron, among others.

Organik spoke about Bender and Big T in an interview published January 14, 2014.

"Bender hasn't battled in KOTD in almost two years," Organik said in the exclusive interview with HipHopDX. "This battle is like his returning party. He took some time off, traveled and took some battles I personally don't think he should have taken. He's a high-caliber rapper and was being used as a way for other leagues to develop some of their names. I just personally think he's above that and he's proved that he is. Those battles didn't do him any favors and I think he now understands that. He had his fun travelling and I'm glad its out of his system 'cause he's now got the biggest battle of his life on the biggest stage he'll have ever been on. KOTD has changed a lot since Bender was last here. This is considered his stomping grounds. He has the hometown advantage, but Big T is coming to take off his head and he needs to make sure he's out do to the same."

The official trailer for Bender Vs. Big T can be found below.