KOTD's Organik Addresses Eurgh's Disses

Organik also says he stopped focusing on battling when he began King of the Dot.

In December, Don't Flop Entertainment released a battle that featured its leader, Eurgh, dissing King of the Dot founder Organik. Organik was not at the event, so when word got out, many wondered how he would respond.

During his third round against Bender and Loe Pesci, Eurgh spit the following:

"I'ma be real, Organik gets me flustered," Eurgh rapped. "Gives them all job titles like they're just pairs of hands and extra numbers / Calls himself a President? That pretentious fucker / I'd rather refer to myself as a battle setter-upper / But I ain't dissin' Organik to make my punchlines hit / And if he wants he can tell me how to run my ship / But until he fires that guy who pulled that subscribe shit / I got three words for King of the Dot: suck my dick."

HipHopDX asked Organik about how he took Eurgh's disses.

"I guess sometimes a kid's gotta act up to get his parents' attention," Organik said.

However, fans shouldn't be quick to hope for a battle between Organik and Eurgh.

"I'm unsure," Organik said when asked if he would ever battle again against anyone. "I get asked about this about 10 times a day. I get asked so much that I never even have a chance to have a clear thought about it before someone asks me again. Who knows? But I barely even rap anymore. It's a rare occasion if you can get me to even freestyle so I don't think I would ever consider battling at a top level until I'm back at it the way I used to be. I had alot of hunger when I was younger. That kinda shifted into hunger to make KOTD grow. Guess you can say I took one for the team with my own battling career when I started KOTD."

Any feud between Organik and Eurgh is not slated to interfere with King of the Dot's "World Domination 5" event slated for later this year, according to KOTD's founder.

"'World Domination 5' will be bigger and better then ever," he said of the event, which has traditionally featured battle rappers from different countries.

King of the Dot is currently prepping for its "Blackout 4" event, slated to take place January 24-25, 2014.