Hollow Da Don & Loaded Lux Discuss "High Stakes" UW Battle In "24/7"

UW Battle League follows Loaded Lux and Hollow Da Don on a day in their lives as they prepare for their battle.

In preparation for UW Battle League's "High Stakes" event, the company has released a "Road of the Warrior" special on YouTube, a "24/7" video that captures a day in the lives of Hollow Da Don and Loaded Lux.

"It's a battle with him, but at the same time, it's a battle with me," Loaded Lux says in the clip. "I'll do me. But, I appreciate him. I hope I have a great showing. I hope everybody's receptive to what I have to say, to what we have to say. Hope it's gonna be a classic. Can't take nothing away from Hollow Da Don. We wouldn't even be having this conversation if there was nothing to talk about. That's it though. I just do the work, king."

Hollow Da Don also addresses the battle in the clip.

"People sleeping on me, I want to thank y'all," Hollow says. "Y'all are the reason I'm going this hard...All the 3-0 talkers. I've never been 3-0'd, my nig. I ain't never been 3-0'd. Facts. And y'all wanna talk this dumb shit like I ain't been doing this shit just as long. Like I ain't been doing this since back when he was doing it...The respect level done went down just because a nigga don't dickride himself. Y'all be forgetting and I don't like that. I don't like that at all."

UW Battle League's "High Stakes" is set to take place January 26, 2014 in New Jersey. The event is also slated to feature several battles, including B Magic vs. Daylyt and Tsu Surf vs. Calicoe.