DNA Says "Battle Rap Is The Truest Form Of Hip Hop"

DNA also explains why he crafted a song titled "Death Of Battle Rap."

DNA, who recently released the song "Death of Battle Rap," spoke with HipHopDX about why he feels Battle Rap is an important part of Hip Hop.

"I decided to write this record to bring more attention to Battle Rap because I feel it's the truest form of Hip Hop right now," DNA said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. "If it died tomorrow, real Hip Hop heads would be in a position where it would be hard for them to hear real lyrical content and I also put the record together to shed light that one day we all won't be popular no more and [won't] have people dying to watch us perform, so let's embrace it and make the best out of it while we all the eyes on us."

During the interview, DNA was also asked why he feels Battle Rap is the truest form of Hip Hop today.

"I feel like Battle Rap is the truest form of Hip Hop because artists are still being creative in this sport…[Rappers] are being innovative. In the industry, it's cooperate. They have suits and ties. Everything is planned out and there's no creativity. It's all the same stuff. In Battle Rap, it gives you that street corner, raw, gritty feel that Hip Hop used to have back in the '90s."

DNA is slated to have several battles in 2014, including a match-up in King of the Dot's upcoming "Blackout 4."

Today, Jack Thriller announced that he has been hired as the host of an upcoming Battle Rap reality television show headed by Eminem. Thriller posted the confirmation on his Instagram account and later deleted the post.

DNA's Beasley-assisted "Death Of Battle Rap" can be found below.