NuBorn Says He Wants To Battle B-Magic, Big T, & JC

NuBorn challenges JC and namedrops Big T and B-Magic as rappers he wants to battle. He also says he has Daylyt beating B-Magic 2-1.

In an interview with VladTV, NuBorn describes wanting to battle JCBig T, and B-Magic and feeling like many battlers have avoided facing up against him.

“Recently, now I don’t know if somebody know something I don’t know,” he said, “but I’ve realized that a lot of those cats, not only are they taking new up-and-comers, but they’re taking battles that before they weren’t trying to do and they’ve been taking back-to-back battles. Recently, like the last couple events, you know, [Charlie] Clips on every card. You got Goodz battling Danja Zone, battles that normally never would have happen before. So, I don’t know what’s seems like people are trying to get their battles up. I guess they scared new cats is taking over the spot.”

Asked if there were any specific rappers he felt were ducking his battle requests, NuBorn named JC before detailing his motivation to battle B-Magic and Big T.

“A lot of cats be ducking me,” he said. “The reason why I say that is because I feel like I’m in a bad spot: I’m too nice for niggas to say I’m wack, but I’m still too underrated to say I’m super nice. It makes it so that cats are still on this, ‘Oh, if I lose to Nuborn that means I’m wack or something.’ Even though that’s not true, I’m as nice as anybody. So it kind of makes it hard for me to get battles, ‘cause they know I’m nice to beat them but my name ain’t up enough for them to want to lose to me, so it’s better to just not battle me at all. So it kind of puts me in a bad spot. That’s why I’m hoping I keep killing [and] sooner or later the fans is going to ask for it and they’re not gonna be able to duck.

“I always say JC is ducking me,” he added. “JC you’re ducking me, you been dancing around the topic for how long? Fuck is you talking about? JC is a nigga I wanna battle. I would have normally said he’s not ducking. At the end of the day, a lot of people say ‘ducking.’ It’s not always ducking. But for him, I feel like he’s ducking because he battles everybody and their mother. This nigga literally battles the pets, the roaches. He battles everybody. When they say, ‘What’s up, Nuborn versus JC?’ [He says,] ‘Oh I don’t want to battle him.’ I don’t get it. It makes no sense to me. He’s been ducking so long this nigga’s got web-feet. It’s getting bad. He’s really the only person I really think is ducking me. Everybody else I think they’re avoiding battling me. I wouldn’t say they’re ducking, just avoiding it until the right time or until the right amount of money come.”

NuBorn went on to explain being scheduled to face off against Big T years ago, but not being able to commit to the event. “Another cat I wanna battle is Big T," he said. "I been calling him out for a while. It’s a reason I been calling him out. I was supposed to battle Big T the first URL event, but I had a battle in Grind Time. That was back when Grind Time was still popping. So they got Deacon Frost. I’m kind of mad I didn’t take that battle. Ever since then I been calling him out. I fucks with Big T. I be fucking with him. That’s my nigga. He a fat sloppy nigga. I’ll fuck him up if we ever get in the ring.”

At the end of the interview, NuBorn described feeling like he’s one of a few battlers who could take on B-Magic successfully.

“I wanna battle B-Magic for the punchline champ,” he said. “Conceited’s my nigga, but I think B-Magic needs to face me, honestly. We’ll see what happens. It might go down sooner or later...I think the reason a lot of these cats struggle with B-Magic is ‘cause they’re not punchers. Don’t get me wrong, DNA has punchlines. Clips has punchlines. They have punchlines. I don’t want ya’ll niggas thinking I’m trying to say ya’ll don’t punch. Ya’ll got punchlines, but for a rapid fire nigga like Magic, there’s only a few niggas that could really go bar for bar with him on some back-to-back punching shit.

"The last nigga that he got in the ring with that really punched his lights out killed him, and that was Heartless," NuBorn continued. "Everybody else that he’s battled since Heartless aren’t real punchers. They punch, but every four bars, maybe a six-bar scheme, they got punches, haymakers, all that, but it’s not that consistent. When you got Magic punching every one to two I do. Once he gets in the ring with an actual puncher, a real puncher—that’s why I’m really looking forward to see how he do against Daylyt. Same thing with Daylyt, if Daylyt take it serious, I actually have him winning 2-1 ‘cause I feel Daylyt does more. B-Magic is a pure puncher, doesn’t scheme, no personals, just straight punchlines and nameflips, which is dope. I fuck with Magic. Me and Magic had our differences and shit. At the end of the day, as a battle rapper, I fuck with him. To me, I feel he doesn’t do enough, so niggas like me, or Daylyt, or even Conceited, we could punch with him and we could also do schemes. Conceited is probably one of the best punchers with personals. He’s the only puncher I know that incorporates personals so well into his punchlines.”