KOTD Champ Pat Stay To Take Hiatus From Battling

“I hate to sound like a downer. I just need a break from it.”

King of the Dot champion Pat Stay says he’s taking a break from battle rap.

In a recent episode of Angryfans Radio, the Nova Scotia-native explained:

“I’m trying to stay off that tip for a little bit and just make money. I’m making fucking lawyer money right now so I’m not really thinking about writing dick jokes about another man. I’m just trying to chill for a little bit. I’m not too keen on jumping in right now.”

Pat went on to explain that he’s not interested in the battle scene, echoing sentiments from previous interviews from last year.

“A lot of shit’s getting fake and a lot of the people are fake. There’s just a lot of sketchy shit about the whole business in general. I understand that I’m not gonna be like a lot of these dudes [who] go broke and just come to the battle in a nice outfit and then sleep in their mom’s car. It’s time to really get paid as a grown man.”

He continued:

“I lost the love a long time ago. I was just doing it for the people. And I’m not gonna be done for good. I just wanna take like a year break or something like that from my last battle [in January 2014] so I can gain some of that love back.”

A year-long hiatus would mean Pat wouldn’t be defending his KOTD chain at the upcoming World Domination event in Toronto at the end of August. What that means for the future of the chain remains to be seen. In an interview last month, Charron speculated that Pat might relinquish the title, but Pat made no indication that he’d do that on Angryfans Radio. So far, KOTD hasn’t publicly addressed the matter.

Pat explained there aren’t many matches that inspire him, but he was close to booking a matchup with Hollow Da Don on KOTD before Hollow decided to instead take Joe Budden at Eminem’s Total Slaughter event this July.

The Angryfan hosts asked him about some potential matchups for the KOTD chain, including a highly demanded battle against Charron. Pat said he doesn’t find the battle interesting and would prefer a scenario where he was battling someone he considered his equal.

“If I beat Charron, people will say: ‘Ok, of course Pat was gonna beat Charron.’ So who cares? I’m gonna beat Charron if I battle him.”

He also addressed battling some of the other rappers perceived as front-runners for No. 1 contender. On battling Daylyt, Pat said: “I’d rather battle Daylyt than Charron because it’s more interesting.” And when asked about battling Charlie Clips, he said: “I get along with Charlie and I hate to battle people I get along with.”

Photo by @ZacMacphoto via King of the Dot