The Road to Total Slaughter: Episode 4 Recap

The battle rap reality show comes to a close as hype builds for Saturday's Total Slaughter event.

This week's episode of Fuse TV's battle rap reality show "The Road to Total Slaughter" featured the tournament's semi-final round, with T-Rex vs. Big T and Dizaster vs. Daylyt. The battles were a big improvement over last week's choke-fest and overall the episode was an entertaining way to end the series.

This episode starts out, impossibly, with Dizaster singing. Like R&B crooning through Dave Hollister’s 2000 song "One Woman Man."

The scene is strange enough already, but in light of Dizaster's highly publicized punch of Math Hoffa at BOLA 5 and then the scrap with Daylyt in the fallout from it, it becomes downright surreal -- especially for anyone who has never seen Diz display his musical talents before.

“No one would ever expect that," Murda Mook says, looking genuinely incredulous.

Next we get a short segment featuring Daylyt, where he tells the camera that he'd fully intended to be “the craziest dude on the show.” He succeeded when he rolled up to the house in only a backpack and his underwear, and the face tattoo will definitely make an impression on any viewers who haven’t seen it before. Still, compared to some of Daylyt’s past battle antics, he has been fairly tame on the show. Hilarious, but well-behaved.

Day 2 of the tournament starts and there’s fresh enthusiasm in the room after Day 1’s disappointing performances.

First up in the semi-finals it's Chicago’s Big T vs. Harlem’s T-Rex.

Watch the battle:

Rex has another outstanding round and gets huge reaction from the crowd. Big T gets his bars out but has some noticeable pauses between lines before a clear choke. He brings it back and finishes strong but the New York crowd barely gives him an inch reaction-wise. The Slaughterhouse judging panel gives the battle unanimously to Rex with scores of 10-9.

Next up is Dizaster vs. Daylyt, two friends who've known each other for around 10 years. In the introduction, Daylyt describes it as “Cain versus Abel.”

Watch the battle:

Both MCs fill the 90-second round and at the end of Dizaster’s verse the two slip into theatrics that must’ve been planned ahead of time. Dizaster slides on a ski mask and pretends to shoot Daylyt, who drops to the ground as Diz kneels screaming over his limp body.

Dizaster vs. Daylyt on The Road to Total Slaughter Dizaster vs. Daylyt on The Road to Total Slaughter

Royce calls it a 10-10 tie, Joell Ortiz gives it to Dizaster 10-9 while Joe Budden and Crooked I both edge the battle to Daylyt 10-9.

After the battle, we see Dizaster and Daylyt back at the house, both taking the battle hard. We see a glimpse of the toll battle rap has taken on Dizaster, who, Daylyt says, has put 15 years of his life into it and doesn’t have much to show for it.

The show ends on a positive note with the battlers sharing a bottle of champagne and toasting to Total Slaughter.

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