The Best Total Slaughter Memes

Here's a collection of images inspired by last week's Total Slaughter debut event.

Total Slaughter is done now, and the excitement and anger over the event have mostly faded as everyone begins to look toward the next one. The event inspired a ton of hilarious commentary, some of it more entertaining than the battles themselves. We’ve put together a collection of some of our favourite memes.

As always, the best come from meme-master Desmond Jackson. He did the one of Spawn vs. Violator above (inspired by Daylyt/T-Rex) and this one illustrating Murda Mook’s “Welcome to Benihana” line. By Desmond Jackson Jackson also made this one, referencing the final fight scene from “The Last Dragon.” Last-Dragon Mook’s du-rag reveal encouraged this one: Mook-Du-rag When the online pay-per-view didn’t work, one of the only viewing options was a bootlegged stream from some guy recording the event as he watched it on TV. For whatever reason, the version ended up with a green bar across the side of it.

Here’s one we put together of Eminem being forced to bootleg the show from the U.K. where he’d just played a concert, which wasn’t without its own audio problems. By Chris Mitchell The biggest meme though came from Joe Budden repeatedly calling for the timekeeper to stop the clock when the crowd was reacting to his lines. Budden said “Stop my time” 19 times in the battle (17 of them in the second round), according to @CanucksFan420.

Meme-makers went right to work mocking Joe Budden’s unintentional slogan. EarlTime10532368_697937056939301_2715977748886110638_nHomer In the latest episode of the Dirtbag Dan Show, the hosts said Budden sounded like Sammy Davis Jr. at one point in his delivery. Then these appeared: By Chris Mitchell By Chris Mitchell And finally, one poking fun at Royce’s judging from “the Road to Total Slaughter” TV tournament. Royce   Want more?Check out the best memes from the Math/Dizaster brawl.