Don't Flop Announces Atlanta-Based U.S. Division

Eurgh details upcoming Don't Flop events, including match-ups for "6th Birthday Weekend" and the U.S. division.

Don't Flop is coming stateside, according to a new video blog from league boss Eurgh.

Don't Flop USA will be based in Atlanta, facilitated by Grind Time-era battlers Sonny Bamboo and Syd Vicious. The British battle league has been steadily expanding its borders in 2014, launching a division in Australia and putting on events in Germany and all over the U.K.

The first American event will be November 1 at the Apache Cafe in Atlanta and is scheduled to feature eight battles, four of which Eurgh announced:

Eurgh vs. John John Da Don
Ogmios vs. QP (SONS)
Impact vs. Brixx Belvedere
Jonny Storm vs. Sno

Eurgh also announced details for the next international U.K. event--"6th Birthday Weekend"--which is going down November 15-16 at Stylus in Leeds, England. In the past, the Birthday Weekend series has spawned some of DF's biggest match-ups, including Shotty Horroh vs. Arsonal and Unanymous vs. Dizaster. This year's should be no different, with Eurgh saying he's expecting eight or nine battles each day. He dropped some match-ups for the event too:

Tony D vs. Unanymous (singles title match)
Marlo/Shuffle-T vs. Dialect/Zen (doubles title match)
Chilla Jones vs. Cee Major
Big T vs. Gemini

On October 11, DF will focus on regional clashes for its "Manchester vs. London" event at The Ritz in Manchester. The event marks the return of hugely popular Manchester emcee Shotty Horroh, who will go up against current DF champion Tony D in a promo battle.

Here's the full card:

Tony D vs. Shotty Horroh
Raptor vs. Villun
Take Note Tox vs. Tali
Seano Mac vs. Big J
Bamalam vs. Briggzy

Read's exclusive interview with Tony D talking about his upcoming battle with Shotty.

Eurgh also announced the long-anticipated "Grime Clash" event for September 28 at Birthdays in London, featuring some emcees making their league debut and others trying the Grime format for the first time.

So far, the card is:

Dialect vs. Eyez
Bru C vs. Hypes
Youthoracle vs. Weirdoe

At the end of the video, Eurgh speaks vaguely about an upcoming reality show that will air on the YouTube channel from September until December.

Watch the full video below:

For more information on (most of) these rappers, click their artist tag.