Highs & Lows From Dizaster's Career

BattleRap.com runs through the ups and downs from Dizaster’s controversial tenure in battle rap.

As the countdown for the highly anticipated headlining match-up between Dizaster and Cassidy at Fresh Coast/FilmOn’s “Ether” event enters its final hours, the eyes of the culture are zeroing in on the Belasco Theater in downtown Los Angeles — the venue set to play host for the Dec. 6 card. To commemorate yet another milestone in battle rap’s story, BattleRap.com has compiled a collection of the highs and lows from Dizaster’s turbulent career. Check out the highs and lows from Cassidy's career here.

For those who have been following the culture of battle rap, the polarizing narrative of Los Angeles-based lyricist Dizaster is something with which you’ll already be acquainted. Diz’s career has been volatile to say the least, chock-full of erraticism and brimming with controversial headlines. Nevertheless, Dizaster’s contribution to the sport is undeniable, and when looking for an emcee to represent West Coast battle rap, the choice is clear. The former KOTD champion has been navigating through the battle scene for close to 15 years — a laudable feat in itself — yet he still approaches the majority of his match-ups with the same intensity, passion and charisma as if it were his first bout.

Except for a recent small-room battle against Big T, this is Dizaster’s first mainstage match-up since facing off against Math Hoffa at King Of The Dot’s “Battle Of L.A. 5,” an event where Diz, again, made headlines by throwing a punch to end the battle. And despite claiming that Cassidy isn’t his toughest opponent, he’s sure to bring his best material. Scroll down to check out Diz's career highs and lows.

Beating Destroying Canibus

Embarrassing Canibus — an emcee once feared for his lyrical dexterity — is a moment sure to be lingering up there as one of Diz’s top career highlights. At the start of Canibus’ third round, he succumbed to defeat, subsequently pulling out a notepad and reading his rhymes while the crowd watched in shock. The footage itself speaks volumes and is surely something Diz looks back on with great pride, and rightfully so.

Winning The KOTD Title From PoRich

After delivering in two massive battles against DNA and Canibus, Dizaster was rewarded with a title shot against KOTD champion PoRich in 2012. His performance was energetic enough to convince enough judges to give him the win.

Battle With DNA

Largely touted as one of the best battles of all time, Dizaster’s performance against Queens, N.Y. emcee DNA is another moment annexed to Diz’s list of career highs. The two emcees put on a classic battle that is still racking up views and inspiring debate today. This was also the first battle that brought Drake out to watch a KOTD event.

Standout Performances

Aside from his famous performances against DNA and Canibus, Dizaster is also celebrated for his Grind Time-era battles against Swave Sevah, QP, A-Class and NoCando.

Meltdown Against Arcane

Dizaster missed the ball on this one. The ghostwriting angle on Arcane was one of the most devastating attacks possible, but Diz wasn't able to present it to the crowd in a way that they could follow and they turned on him. Diz allowed his emotions to get the best of him and his anger was written all over his face. Check out the clip below for a quick look at the lowlights or for the full battle, click here.

Losing To Pat Stay

After failing to regain the King Of The Dot title off Pat Stay at the league’s “Blackout 4” event early in 2014, Dizaster took to Twitter to announce his retirement from battle rap. Obviously it didn't stick, as Diz was filming episodes of the “Road To Total Slaughter” reality television series just days later.

2013 URL Debut

Dizaster’s 2013 debut against T-Rex on North America’s leading league SMACK/URL was greeted with a very mediocre reception.

Dizaster Punches Math Hoffa

One of the most competitive battles of the year got totally overshadowed by one little brawl. The punch that Dizaster threw at Brooklyn's Math Hoffa after years of on-and-off animosity between the two set off a coastal rivalry, conspiracy theories, death threats and thousands of tweets. Read all our coverage on the saga here.

Dizaster's battle against Cassidy will almost certainly fit into the category of highs or lows, but it's tough to know which one right now.

Cover photo by Lemme Kno for King Of The Dot.

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