Dizaster vs. Cassidy: Behind-The-Scenes

The story of how the battle fell apart and how it finally came together the next day.

Cassidy vs. Dizaster was a battle so massive it took two days to complete.

Day 1 of "Ether" turned into a mess. The headline match fell though for a variety of reasons, among them a late start, microphone issues, uncontrollable entourages, security that couldn't manage them, a rowdy crowd and a venue with hundreds of people waiting outside to get into the night's next event.

Day 2 was a marked improvement but still had its own issues. BattleRap.com arrived at the "Secret Location" (AKA FilmOn's Beverly Hills parking garage) at 1:30 p.m. for what was supposed to be a 2:00 start. Just before 5:00, after much confusion, the battle went down.

By now, everyone has seen the battle, but here's the story of what happened behind the scenes.

Edited by Bryan Wyatt for BattleRap.com.