Serius Jones Announced For "Blackout 5"

The legendary East Coast emcee makes his KOTD debut this February.

The final name for KOTD's mystery event has been revealed as Serius Jones.

Jones was one of the first prominent street emcees and his clashes with Murda Mook and Jin are considered by most as all-time classics. He put up 12 consecutive wins at New York's Fight Klub, eventually beating Jin to become the undisputed champion. Coming from the pre-YouTube days of battle rap, he only has a handful of performances available online (including this freestyle battle against Daylyt that captured recently).

His straight-forward approach and powerful stage presence have helped him connect with pretty much every crowd he's been in front of, but he's also had terrible luck in his two most recent mainstage bouts. First by getting punched by Math Hoffa mid-battle at URL's "Summer Madness 3" in 2013 and then by having the official footage of his solid performance with Daylyt yanked from YouTube along with the rest of the "Ether" releases.

Most recently Jones was in the news publicly beefing with Lush One on Twitter about allegedly not receiving his full payment for his "Ether" performance last month.

He also makes some of the better music to come out of the battle rap scene, some of which made our "Top Music Of 2014" list.

Watch Jones vs. Jin below. It starts around five minutes in.

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