Drake Almost Battled Murda Mook At "Blackout 5"

Bishop Brigante addresses the rumors of the biggest rap battle to never happen.

While the battles that went down at "Blackout 5" made plenty of headlines all on their own, a mythical and long-speculated match-up between Drake and Murda Mook was apparently supposed to go down before being cancelled last minute.

KOTD staff member Bishop Brigante — who returned to the ring triumphantly over the weekend — spoke exclusively with BattleRap.com, saying: "All I know is that if Mook got cute on the mic at all, [Drake] was ready and had bars on deck. That's right from the boy himself. Whether that moment has passed or not, who knows, but there was definitely at least one round in the chamber with Drake."

BattleRap.com spoke to Murda Mook on Wednesday. He told us: "It was going to happen."

Stay tuned for the full-length interview with him dropping soon.

The match-up was never specifically announced, but battlers on the ground and BattleRap.com heard whispers that the match-up was a possibility. Near the end of Sunday night, there was a definite feeling that it was going to happen.

Toronto battler Kid Twist also hit us up with a comment: "I definitely saw Mook going over bars in the washroom right before the title match."

Drake also addressed a battle with Mook at the BO5 press conference on Friday night: "I would love to enter this scene, it's just, it's tough for me because it's a no-holds-barred competitive interaction. The problem with that is that I have to go back to my life after that. I've always struggled with that as far as battle rap goes. I would love to get into the scene, but I have obligations [and] I might say something, or somebody might say something about me, which makes it tough when I have, like, corporate stuff going on. It's a tough thing, but I think one day I might do it. I don't know if Mook deserves it but..." he jabbed as the crowd laughed. "I definitely have a folder full on bars in my phone for somebody one day, so we'll figure it out."

Speaking with Angryfans Radio about the rumored battle and his own third-round crisis against Pat Stay, Charron says he was told not to pull a controversial planned angle to avoid spoiling Drake's possible appearance.

"I was told by the staff, 'This shit's not going down because Mook and Drake is possibly able to happen after you guys so if there's a fight you're ruining Mook and Drake,'" he said. "That's what I was told by the staff. I'm like, 'Okay, for the culture I literally could not risk this.' So I took the L."

"Mook and Drake never even battled," he later said. "I don't even know what to believe. I just know that at the end of the day I was told this was gonna happen ... I really think Mook and Drake was actually gonna happen. I heard that Drake's manager or something, they wouldn't let it happen last second. I'm not saying that was a lie."

The night of the event itself, KOTD's Twitter page also announced that two battles remained leading into the Pat Stay and Charron battle.


Separately, KOTD's own Dirtbag Dan admitted in a short announcement that the staff was planning for the Drake and Murda Mook throwdown.


After the event, Organik spoke with BattleRap.com about Drake's involvement throughout the weekend.

“We could have went one way with Drake or the way we went,” he said. “We chose the way we went because we’re preserving the culture. There’s a reason why battle rap is popping, it’s because the way it’s ran and it’s the way it’s going right now. For other people to step in and start pushing the direction another way isn’t really helping anybody. Drake just really wanted to help us push it further the way that we do. He wasn’t trying to step in and do that. It’s not to bring it mainstream, it’s just to provide the best events and continue to do what we do and build our own little niche market and run with that."

When asked explicitly about whether or not the battle was in the works, Organik said with a grin, "Who knows?"

The prospect of Drake battling Mook came about last September when the two were originally pictured together in a club. Mook went on to announce that he had spoken with Drake to make the battle happen. "It came out of nowhere," Mook told MTV in September. "A couple drinks start floating around, and then he just came out of nowhere and said he would battle me."

Drake, since we know you read the site, hit up @BattleRapChris if you want to comment directly.

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Additional reporting by Jay Balfour

Cover photo of Murda Mook by Dan Gibs.

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