Battle Rap Remembers Fresh Coast's Kodyack

The Fresh Coast collective gathers this Friday (Feb. 27) to celebrate the life and career of one of its fallen members.

The Fresh Coast community will gather this Friday (Feb. 27) at a tribute concert for 32-year-old battle rapper Marcos Murcia, more commonly known by his stage name Kodyack. The memorial will also double as the fallen emcee's debut album release party. All proceeds from the concert will be donated to the Fresh Coast emcee's family.

The rapper passed away in his sleep from unknown causes late in 2014 just days after a fire claimed his family's house on Christmas Day.

Kodyack was a Fresh Coast original whose history in battle rap dates all the way back to 2002. He began entering freestyle battles around the Bay Area, the beginnings of a come-up that continued three years later when he breezed through the opening rounds of the 2005 Scribble Jam freestyle competition in San Francisco and eventually faced off against The Saurus in one of their many battles.

The Saurus told "Kodyack was a great guy who enjoyed making others laugh and smile whether he was on or off stage. He uplifted the people around him no matter the setting. Rest in Paradise brother."

Kodyack's close friend and fellow battle rap enthusiast Frank Stacks spoke with about Kodyack's influence on his career. "Fun fact, if it wasn't for Kodyack I never would have battled at events including the first Grind Time West Coast show. Any time he would find out about a battle he wouldn't give me the option. He'd say he was picking me up and we were battling. That's how I got into battling live in front of crowds. Lush One pushed me to do the first battle I did with Grind Time but it was Kodyack who forced me to prepare and attend the event, which led to the few other battles I did and gave my music a huge push. It had an amazing domino effect for me which I never expected.

"The thing about Kodyack was that it never mattered if he was winning or losing the battle. Everyone always loved watching him compete. He owned the stage and had the crowd under his control effortlessly. His stand-up comedy battle style was just so fuckin' hilarious you couldn't deny it. He was always present — more than me and a lot of others. He was always at any Fresh Coast event when we were coming up and typically the center of attention even off the stage. I will remember him most for always pushing me to battle and show face at events, get my name out there even when I wasn't feeling it. I will always be thankful for that."

On Friday (Feb. 27), fans and Bay Area hip-hop artists will gather at the Oakland Metro Operahouse to celebrate Kodyack's life and the posthumous release of his full-length debut. A $10 admission donation buys a copy of his long-in-the-works Half Man/Half Bear as well as entry to the event.

In addition to pro bono performances from the likes of Dirtbag Dan, Frank Stacks, Lmoney, and more, the venue's owner, Tom Dean, is opening the space for the concert free of charge. Carrying Kodyack's legacy forward as a part of the Tourette's Battle Collective, the benefit concert is also scheduled to host a freestyle battle competition.

Here's the full flyer for the show. RSVP on the Facebook event page.


With Kodyack being celebrated on the main stage this Friday, decided to curate a short list of highlights from his career. Check out some of the best battles below.

Kodyack's Best Battles

Kodyack vs. Tantrum

Kodyack vs. Madness

Kodyack Vs. Lush One

Kodyack At The 2005 Scribble Jam Preliminaries extends its condolences to the family and friends of Kodyack. Fans that can't make it to the show can donate to a fundraising effort for Kodyack's funeral services here.

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