Big T: "Daylyt Is Killing Battle Rap"

Big T also says T-Rex isn’t dead until he kills him.

In a recent video blog shot while relaxing in a jacuzzi, Big T fueled the fires of his ongoing online feud with Daylyt.

“Daylyt deserves to die because he’s a nuisance and he is killing the game of battle rap,” said Big T, also adding that Daylyt is the Devil.

The emcee, who is just coming off a well-reviewed battle with Rone at KOTD's "Blackout 5," also reflected on his current standing in the battle rap industry, saying: “I’m smacking everybody around. Period."

Industry rappers, battle rappers, rookies, vets, and legends - Big T says they’re all dead.

He also called out a few by name. “[T-Rex] is not dead until I kill him,” said Big T. “Y’all thought that shit with Charlie was bad. I’m gonna beat Rex while he’s in full-form worse than Charlie did and I beat Charlie.”

He also has words for Charlie Clips and John John Da Don, calling the latter a "mosquito."

“You know why I talk this shit? ‘Cause I can back that shit up,” said Big T.

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