MyVerse & Bonnie Godiva Speak On DF Atlanta No-Show

Bonnie Godiva says the battle she missed will be rescheduled for another event.

A planned battle between female battlers MyVerse and Bonnie Godiva at Don't Flop Atlanta fell apart last minute when Bonnie Godiva failed to show up at the event on April 4. The match-up would have been a legitimate come-up for rookie battler MyVerse who says that Bonnie ducked the battle because she wasn't ready and made up excuses to squirm her way out of an appearance. Even the headliner at the event made light of Bonnie's cancellation when Chilla Jones taunted his opponent, Math Hoffa, rapping "You shoulda took a page out of Bonnie's book and ducked 'my verse.'"

Notably, both Bonnie and MyVerse are set to appear at Queen of the Ring's "Panic Room 3" on May 17.

MyVerse: "I Think Bonnie Wasn't Ready"

"I think Bonnie wasn't ready," MyVerse said in an interview with in Atlanta last week. "She wasn't ready. It's cool. It's a little scary to battle somebody like me."

Asked to describe the no-show, MyVerse went on to to explain the justification Bonnie provided for herself.

"Last minute I guess she wanted to get a plane ticket," MyVerse offered. "She didn't want to pay for the plane ticket ... Pretty much we said, 'We're gonna get you your ticket. We're gonna give you the money in a deposit. You're gonna be fine.' Pretty much all the excuses she had as for why she wasn't gonna come were being fixed and it's pretty much her not answering back, not picking up the phone, pretty much nothing. If you have no answer then you're done. That's what it is. I would have given her that work."

Separately, in her own vlog, Bonnie claimed that Don't Flop and Eurgh specifically never required her to sign a contract and that she was offered more money for the battle from a different league.

"In between me speaking to [Eurgh] telling him I would do it and the flyer dropping two other leagues hit me up wanting to book me and MyVerse," Bonnie said. "One of these [leagues] is paying me almost quadruple what I'm getting paid to do it at Don't Flop. Actually, exactly quadruple. [They] offered to pay me. Now me as a business person, I didn't sign no contract, I don't have no obligations to this MyVerse battle. So in my mind I'm thinking on a business tip, I don't owe nobody favors. People need to understand this with me."

Bonnie went on to say that Eurgh avoided speaking with her for weeks before finally trying to fix the issue last minute. Bonnie also claims that the originally agreed-upon four or five hundred dollar battle fee wasn't enough.

"From now on, if you don't speak to my management you're not gonna book me for nothing," she added. "I'm tired of talk and we cool ... that don't mean you can take advantage of me." reached out to Eurgh, but as of publishing he hasn't yet responded with a comment.

In a post on Instagram Bonnie claimed that fans can expect her battle with MyVerse to be rescheduled.

For her part, MyVerse says that the latest mix-up has her rethinking her career in battle rap entirely.

"I'm honestly at a point right now where I don't know if I'm gonna keep battling because I'm not gonna waste my time," she said. "My time is very valuable. There's people that flew out from Canada and Ohio to come see me."

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