Illmaculate: "I Got 3-0'ed By The Second Round"

The Portland veteran recaps his surprise "Back To Basics" battle against Carter Deems.

Illmac was in an understandably playful mood after a mostly ridiculous showdown with Carter Deems at "Back to Basics" in L.A. on April 18. The battle was the surprise announcement at what was already, by all accounts, a fast-paced, enjoyable event.

“My career’s been on this trajectory, and I been saying I want someone in the Lux/Hollow category, and that’s why I think it’s such a surprise to people 'cause they didn’t think I’d get it this soon,” said Illmac, tongue firmly in cheek. "When you’re going against the GOAT all's you can do is try to do you. Because you can’t stop him … I used to dream about this day."

Illmac's reverence for Carter Deems follows a year of snowballing popularity for the off-kilter battler. Of the "Gnome 5" line that more or less flattened the venue, he says “It 3-0'ed battle rap."

He explained why the announcement worked so well in the context of the event: “I was heavily influenced by the Fresh Coast before anyone knew who the fuck I was and, truth be told, like, with the concept of the card “Back to Basics,” that’s why this match … the only place that it makes sense, because it’s like back to basics when it wasn’t like overthinking the match-ups, it was seven days notice like nothing. And also, where else could you have seen that?"

He also goes on to suggest that a title shot may be on the cards in 2015.

Watch Carter's thoughts on the battle here.

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