The 6 Rappers Dizaster Wants To Battle Next

From Gjonaj to a still-unnamed "hip hop pioneer," Dizaster updates us on a handful of possible match-ups in his near future.

Dizaster might have made headlines at a battle rap event earlier this month but the once-prolific emcee hasn't stepped in the ring since his mega battle with Cassidy last December. That's about to change. Now, Dizaster reveals he's got another "mainstream battle" to follow up his Cassidy match-up and he seems to be scheming more generally on a return to a busier schedule. He'll be battling in Germany shortly, Russia some time next year, and maybe back to the Philippines at some point in between.

"There's definitely a lot of crazy shit in the works," Diz said in a recent interview with "I feel like I wanna start dropping names of people that I would battle and that I want to battle. The thing is they're gonna get all ready for me now that I'm gonna say that."

"I got a mainstream battle that will happen and it's not just that it's a mainstream guy it's a hip hop father type of guy," he later said. "It's like some serious hip hop shit and it goes right with the Canibus/Cassidy part of my fucking legacy ... This is a hip hop pioneer. He's not a mainstream blingy rapper at all. He's not a Cassidy type of rapper."

Check out the full interview segment below and read on for the names on Dizaster's radar.

Dizaster Drops A Friendly Hit List

"There's these battles that I really wanna make happen and I'm gonna drop the names," Dizaster said. "These are special battles that I wanna do like one rounders just to exhibit my skill and I want to have fun with them because for the past two years people weren't happy with my battles. It's because I've been taking battles with people I don't wanna battle and I'm not interested in."

Check out what Diz had to say about each possibility below.

  • "The new Gjonaj dude. That guy. So I seen that guy and this the thing with him, he's really fucking good and I wanna battle him ... We're definitely extremely similar but we're different. He's kind of like the old me when I was in the pit."
  • "I wanna battle a girl. The girl that I chose that I wanted to battle, I hit her up ... It's not Jaz the Rapper or fucking that Arcane-ass bitch — the one that has other people write for her. It's not that one but, O'fficial. O'fficial is a real bitch. She's real. Me and her chop it up. I like her."
  • "There's Bigg K. Bigg K is one of my favorites. All these people I'm choosing, keep in mind, are people that I really fucking like. They're not people that I dislike."
  • "I wanna battle either Marv [Won] or Shotgun Suge. I want to have another fun battle with them."
  • "The golden calf would be a guy that wants to battle me, said that he would battle me, and pretty much called my phone telling me he wants to do it. The golden calf is Dumbfoundead. It's been a decade since me and him faced off at the top of the mountain."

Who should Dizaster battle first? Let us know what you think in the comments.