Live Updates From "MASSacre" (Part 1)

What people are saying about Bigg K vs. Ill Will, Rone vs. Goodz, Pass vs. Charlie Clips, Xcel vs. Danny Myers and E. Farrell vs. Sicarii,

Today is the day for the biggest battle event Massachusetts has seen.

Most of the rappers have arrived and are gearing up to battle. Shotty Horroh was unable to get into the U.S. so Caustic has stepped in to battle Arsonal on about 24-hours notice.

The pay-per-view is available for purchase here.

It was announced on the pay-per-view that DNA will be a no-show at the event due to medical issues. Instead K-Shine will step in to battle Dirtbag Dan in a short-notice, one-round battle. King Of The Dot attempted to find a replacement opponent for 40 B.A.R.R.S., who DNA was also scheduled to battle, but were unable to.

KOTD also used the pay-per-view to announce Danja Zone vs. Daylyt will take place at their "Back to Basics 2" event:

E. Farrell vs. Sicarii

Bigg K vs. Ill Will

Danny Myers vs. Xcel

Pass vs. Charlie Clips

Rone vs. Goodz

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