Reactions To "Panic Room 3"

Before our interviews start dropping, check out some of the best reactions and recaps from May 17's Queen Of The Ring event.

Queen Of The Ring's latest event, "Panic Room 3," went down last night (May 17) at B.B. Kings in Manhattan and featured a handful of big-name match-ups. Standout battles from the night were the headliner between Chayna Ashley and 40 B.A.R.R.S. and Bonnie Godiva taking on C3. Shooney was incredible in her comeback and MyVerse, Casey Jay and Cee Da Boss all put on for the rookies. and many of the culture's biggest platforms and fans were in the building to support and cheer on the battlers and the league itself.

The battles won't drop for a while, but check out some of the updates, live reactions, and short-form event recaps below:

The scheduled match between Don Ladyii and Bill Collector didn't end up going down because Bill arrived late. Here's how Don Ladyii reacted on Facebook:


And Bill's apology:

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