Daylyt vs. Big T Confirmed For URL West

Daylyt says Big T's been done for years while T keeps harping on Day's antics.

URL is gearing up for its first-ever large scale West Coast event and a match-up between Daylyt and Big T has now been officially confirmed for it.

Following up on their West Coast launch this past February, URL is bringing some mainstage battlers to California this summer.

Back in April Smack confirmed the Daylyt vs. Big T faceoff — and Daylyt's URL debut more generally — but at the time Big T told us that a contract had yet to be fully negotiated.

More recently, Daylyt announced that the battle would take place in California while KG The Poet, one of the event's organizers, let loose that the match-up is set for August 1.

Still, despite the recent confirmations, there's been a long lead-up to the battle and Big T started dissing Daylyt's antics game at least back to August of last year. Check out some of Daylyt and Big T's back-and-forth over the past few months below.

Daylyt: "Big T's Career Died A Long Time Ago"

"Big T's career died a long time ago," Day said back in April. "One of the laws of power, attach your name to the popping nigga. Without me nobody would even be thinking or talking about Big T. So he can say, 'You fucking up the game.' Why do you wanna battle me then? Because you know that my buzz is going to help what you don't have. I see your plan T."

Big T Disses Writers Block, Says Daylyt Had To "Sell His Ass" For Attention

On the first of this month Big T dropped a vlog calling out all of the Writers Block collective — Daylyt, Chilla Jones, and Danja Zone in particular — and harped on Day's last year or two of antics.

"Gaylyt," Big T said while addressing the Watts rapper in the midst of a full-out Writers Block diss. "Daylyt battled way before everybody. Till he started talking about sucking Puffy's dick and fucking men he wasn't getting no attention. He had to basically sell his ass in order to draw some type of attention to himself. Is this the people y'all have representing y'all group? He didn't get that from rhymes."

Cover image of Big T by Zach Macphoto for KOTD.

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