Carter Deems vs. Head I.C.E Cancelled

The unorthodox co-main event for KOTD's "Back To Basics 2" is no more.

KOTD announced today (June 16) that the "Back To Basics 2" co-headliner between Carter Deems and Head I.C.E has been cancelled. The battle was supposed to go down June 27 in Los Angeles.

I.C.E took to Twitter to send his best wishes to Deems.

Carter made the following statement to "I had a full seizure in Whole Foods on Saturday. I fell and cut my head open. I was taken to the ER and released after a couple of hours. They put me on new medicine but I'm going for more testing tomorrow. I've had more partial seizures since Saturday but I've stayed conscious. I just decided to cancel the battle so I could get this figured out. I also want to thank Avocado, KOTD and Head I.C.E for being understanding during this weird time in my life."

Deems has previously referenced dealing with epilepsy in an interview with L.A. Weekly: "I was dangerously close to having a seizure in the middle of a rap battle. It was against Dallas Cash, I forgot my lines and skipped a dose of medicine. I was super close to being on World Star, but not for punching someone."

The match-up itself divided fans, some of whom were excited by the prospects of such an unconventional pairing, while others thought that the whole thing was a bad idea.

"Back To Basics 2" is still going down June 27 at House Of Gods in Los Angeles. Tickets are limited. Get yours here. Live pay-per-view details at that link too.

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