Live Updates From KOTD's "Back To Basics 2" (Part 2)

The best Twitter and Instagram updates from Dizaster vs. Chilla Jones, Daylyt vs. Danja Zone and JC vs. Psycoses.

Here are the top updates from the main events of KOTD's "Back To Basics 2." Read Part 1 for updates from the day's earlier battles, including the standout battle between QP vs. 100 Bulletz.

You can watch these battles on a pay-per-view hosted by our editor-in-chief Chris Mitchell and Dirtbag Dan. Buy it here.

Dizaster vs. Chilla Jones

This was a solid two-round showing from both emcees in an evidently tense style clash, with Dizaster clearly taking Round 1 and Chilla Jones arguably edging Round 2 despite having less material.

Daylyt vs. Danja Zone

There's some debate to be had here, but on first watch (and clearly according to the folks at Rap Grid) it looks like Danja Zone 2-1, possibly 3-0 over a reluctantly "bars only" Daylyt who suffered a rare, supposedly-fake-but-probably-real choke toward the end.

JC vs. Psycoses

This battle went down earlier in the day but had been billed as a third headliner, so we've included it with the two main events.

This was another standout from the night, and the post-battle poll gave it to the fast-rising Psycoses pretty decisively.

Overall, B2B2 went smoothly and featured some great performances despite there being some one-sided clashes. Be on the lookout for more coverage and recaps.

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