Tsu Surf & Murda Mook Debate Mook's Legacy

“You can’t play in this league right now,” Tsu Surf says to Murda Mook.

A trio of views clashed on this past Sunday’s episode of The War Report, as URL representative Norbes moderated a conversation between Murda Mook and Tsu Surf that saw the two battlers go toe-to-toe about who is currently holding the crown in battle rap.

Before the back-and-forth commenced though, Norbes kicked things off by ruffling Murda Mook’s feathers a bit, picking up from a recent interview where he called the Harlem rapper "overrated."

“I believe what you’ve added to the sport, you’re the logo [of battle rap], but you’re not the best,” Norbes says. “You’ve got to beat the best to be the best, and you’re not the best.”

After Mook fired back at Norbes’ opinion, Tsu Surf weighed in.

“I got 100 reasons why you’re not the best,” the Newark, N.J. battler says. “First off, let’s say this: Mook has one of the worst résumés as far as top-tier niggas, as far as legends … This nigga taking four, five, six, seven months to accept a battle, nigga you got your bars ready two years before you taking battles.

“You want what you want as far as money-wise,” Surf adds, addressing the $70K price tag that Mook seems to be asking for now. “That’s cool. But what I’m saying is your skill level does not add up to your money, my nigga. You have done nothing. My nigga, I ain’t even heard a double entendre from you.”

Murda Mook went on to defend his position:

“You know what’s funny? You are me when I was young, nigga. You are me, nigga. I made you, bro. I made all of you niggas. I made all of y’all. Everybody know that until you beat me, you second. I don’t give a fuck who it is … Niggas don’t say, ‘Can he beat Surf?’ Niggas don’t say that. Niggas say, ‘Yo, can he beat Mook?’

“Of course I’m the best nigga battle rapping right now,” Murda Mook says when asked where he thinks he currently stands. “Are you kidding me? My nigga, what I’m basing that off of [is] I just beat [Loaded Lux], a nigga that niggas said couldn’t be beat. Hollow had a debatable battle with him, nigga that wasn’t a clear battle. That wasn’t a clear victory.”

Tsu Surf responded: “You can’t play in this league right now.”

Listen to the full conversation on The War Report below.

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