Pat Stay To Face Illmaculate For WD5 Title Match

The next KOTD title match goes down in Toronto in August.

To the surprise of very few, KOTD has announced Illmaculate as the next challenger to Pat Stay's title. The match-up goes down as part of the league's next mega-event in Toronto from Aug. 21-23.

The Portland, Ore. vet has been putting on spectacular performances for the league for years now, after dominating Grind Time's golden era and in freestyle competitions before that.

Beating Pat Stay in Canada has proven nearly impossible though, and the champ has already made three successful defenses against Dizaster, Daylyt and Charron.

Check back soon for our full breakdown of this match-up. For now though, read some of our ideas for WD5 match-ups.

Pay-per-view details coming soon. Buy your tickets for the event here.

Can Illmac beat Pat in Canada? Let us know in the comments below.