URL's "Redemption" Card Confirmed

The July 25 event goes down at Gramercy Theatre in New York and features Shotgun Suge vs. T Top, Danny Myers vs. T-Rex and more.

UPDATED [July 14, 2015]: The official trailer has now dropped. Watch it here:


Although we're still waiting on an official trailer for URL's upcoming "Redemption" card on July 25, league staff and battlers have dropped enough clues that we were able to piece together the entire card. We ran our hunches by our sources, who confirmed the match-ups.

Here they are:

  • T-Rex vs. Danny Myers
  • Tay Roc vs. Brizz Rawsteen
  • Shotgun Suge vs. T Top
  • DNA & K-Shine vs. Chess & Steams
  • Bill Collector vs. DOT
  • Chilla Jones vs. Prep

Many of the battlers on the card were in New York for faceoffs this week, footage of which should be dropping soon.






For a card that seemingly came out of nowhere, it features some inspired pairings that continue to push the league's new talent while also bringing some old names back into the URL fold.

The long-delayed battle between Danny Myers and T-Rex is slated to finally go down, with Rex's repeated cancellations (after receiving a $12,000 payment from Danny) turning it into something of a grudge match now.

URL is also jumping on the 2-on-2 trend for the first time, booking DNA and K-Shine against We Go Hard leaguemates Chess and Steams in what should be a high-energy clash.

2014 Rookie Of The Year T Top follows up his "Rookies vs. Vets" main event against Charlie Clips with a natural match-up against Shotgun Suge, while Top's fellow North Carolinian Brizz Rawsteen will go up against the massively popular Tay Roc.

As for returns, Chilla Jones will be making his first appearance for URL since he battled DNA at NOME 3 in 2013. During his time away from the league, he has steadily improved and gotten bigger and bigger names, especially in the last six months. At "Redemption" he faces relative newcomer Prep.

Bill Collector also returns, battling for the league for the first time since April 2013, though his absence was due in part to some time behind bars. He's facing crowd favorite DOT in a particularly madcap example of matchmaking.

We'll also have to see how this event impacts URL West's "Traffic," which is scheduled for the following weekend in Los Angeles. Now that the official trailer has dropped, we know that Steams, Chess and Danny Myers are scheduled to perform on both cards.

"Redemption" goes down at Gramercy Theatre (127 E. 23rd St.) in New York on July 25. Buy your tickets here before they sell out.

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