Eurgh Recaps Battle Rap In 2015 (So Far)

The Don’t Flop frontman also makes a case for Soul, Chilla Jones, Pedro and E. Ness all being named within the Top 5 battlers in the world right now.

Following Don’t Flop’s event in Chicago on June 20, league co-founder Eurgh sat down with’s Editor-in-Chief Chris Mitchell for an in-depth interview about the state of battle rap in 2015.

During the conversation, Eurgh spoke at length about Don’t Flop’s future expansion in the U.S., the tentative plans for the league’s marquee “Birthday” event, as well as his current feelings towards battle rap as a culture.

One of the topics Eurgh spent some time discussing was the ongoing debate about the current Top 5 battlers in the world. Here, Eurgh makes a solid case for Soul, Chilla Jones, Pedro and E. Ness all being included in the conversation.


Soul should be in [the Top 5] because he’s versatile. Versatility is a word that gets thrown around about everybody but the fact that he can be intelligent without being pretentious about it. He can make a joke and it’s cool, and then the next line will be some reference to Shakespeare.”

Chilla Jones

Chilla Jones really impressed me in his last battle. Because he took the Math [Hoffa] battle on such short notice and he killed it. He wasn’t corny and he didn’t do 32 bars on ‘you got punched,’ he just rapped. He killed the [100] Bulletz battle as well. Maybe a year ago I probably wouldn’t have said this but I’d say now, Chilla’s probably in my Top 5.”


Pedro. 100 percent, and I’m not just saying that because he’s Don’t Flop. If we’re talking about top battlers in the world, fans backing and believing in you, it has to be [Pedro]. Right now, as far as impressive battlers, Pedro is really up there. He totally deserves to be in the Top 5 because he has stuck at what he’s doing since 2011. [For] four years he has done nothing but spit the same shit the same way. He has never changed for any of the fans and finally, everybody is like, ‘Oh my god, Pedro is the best battler in the world.’ So yeah, he’s gotta be in there. Maybe Americans and Canadians might not feel it but for me, he’s in there.”

E. Ness

“Me personally, he’s only battled once this year but E. Ness. I’m sorry, I don’t give a fuck what anybody says, E. Ness is a fucking G. He doesn’t really battle that much so it might be bad to put him in there. [People had written him off] but we never did. We were the only league. When we discussed booking E. Ness vs. Bill Collector, not one member of the team was like, ‘His DNA battle was kinda shaky.’ Every member was like, ‘Yes, Eurgh, do it.’ Because I was like, ‘Should I email E. Ness or is this really too off-key and left of field? Have I got this completely wrong that E. Ness might kill it against Bill Collector?’ And he did.”

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