Quake Matthews vs. Lexx Luthor Set For "World Domination 5"

The Nova Scotian emcee returns to KOTD for the first time since 2011.

KOTD is starting to wind down the "World Domination 5” announcements this week, following up yesterday’s bombshell with another return, that of Nova Scotia emcee Quake Matthews against Lexx Luthor.

Matthews, formerly known just as Quake, only has one KOTD performance on his record (against Osa in 2011) but comes from the same place where Pat Stay first started: Nova Scotia’s Elements League.

In his time away from battle rap he has stayed active as an emcee, dropping several albums.

His opponent Lexx Luthor is a name more familiar to fans, typically found at the bottom of a KOTD flyer or the top of a GZ one. He’s had a few showings on the main stage against Megadef and N Pose and, in recent years, has strengthened his ties with Toronto’s BeastMode league, launching a division of the league in his home state of New York.

Check out an older battle of Lexx's against Dyce Heron:

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