DOT & Bill Collector Recap Their "Redemption" Clash

"You wanna not like him but you can't not like him," says Bill of his opponent.

At URL's "Redemption" on July 25, Proving Grounds graduate DOT faced off against returning veteran Bill Collector in one of the most entertaining battles of the day.

Bill says the battle was a "classic"

Our editor Chris caught up with Bill Collector, who returned in December 2014 against Big Kannon after a two-year hiatus, and whose battle against DOT was his first for URL since Shotgun Suge. They're joined by model Coco Francesca, who has become a well-known face on the SMACK stage.

"You wanna not like him but you can't not like him..." Bill says of DOT. "We just had a great battle, classic battle, man."

He also took a moment to talk about the changes in the URL crowd.

“The fanbase is different," he says. "It’s a whole bunch of new niggas, they don’t really know the history of it, know what I’m saying? They just jumped right in ... so it’s like they see a nigga like me they think I’m a new dude ... I helped pave the way for these lil’ niggas. Bottom line, I came out with the whole creative flow, the whole moving-around-while-you-rapping ... I started that. Niggas was just rapping when I came in.”

Dot Claims A 4-0 Victory

DOT spoke with Konartist Films after the battle. "I hit him with a couple reaches and all that... them reaches came from all angles and he didn't know what the fuck to do... I think you know who the reach god in this motherfucker."

He names Hitman Holla and Surf as the next names on his list, and says that he is working on music but suggests that he prefers battling. "I'm a street nigga, I'm an underground nigga, know what I'm saying? I like to yell in niggas' faces."

Have a look at these Twitter reaction to their battle at the weekend.

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