Scenes From KOTD's “World Domination 5” Press Conference

A rundown of what Dizaster, Dumbfoundead, Pat Stay, Illmaculate and more said prior to their respective battles.

KOTD kicked off "World Domination 5" in Toronto this weekend with a press conference featuring faceoffs for all four of the main events. Many of the event’s performers took to the stage to answer questions from host Bishop Brigante, as well as from fans and journalists in attendance.

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Dizaster & Dumbfoundead


Both L.A. emcees took to the stage in the funniest faceoff of the night. They clowned on each other while and seemed to set the scene for a battle filled with lines about Asian and Middle Eastern stereotypes.

Dumbfoundead also addressed their first battle, a freestyle bout from almost a decade ago. “We never had a real, proper battle, it was like a freestyle battle when we were young,” Dumbfoundead says, adding playfully: “He won. His Dad was paying for the battle, he sponsored it so I kind of saw that one coming and shit."


“I’m excited to battle Dizaster,” Dumb added. “I’ve seen him battle in L.A. He’s won a lot of battles in L.A. I never was a big fan of his style. Even as I’ve watched a lot of his videos, I just don’t get it. But, it should be fun.”


Dizaster told the crowd he was trying to stay structured and be funnier than his opponent. “Right now, I think the place for this [battle] to be happening is in Toronto,” also said.

Arsonal & Shotty Horroh


There was a friendly but explosively competitive tone to the faceoff for the rematch between these two emcees.

“I’ma keep it real with y’all, the reason I’m doing this rematch is because this is what the fans said they wanted, man,” Arsonal says. “This ain’t for me. We ain’t doing this for us, we doing this because this is what the fans requested.”

Asked who won the first battle, Arsonal said: “I feel like I did pretty, pretty damn good. I feel like I won that one, yes, sir.”

“The only people that think he won are — sorry, guys — Americans, because they can’t understand me,” Shotty Horroh said.


Shotty also spent much of the faceoff doing his best Conor McGregor impression and pretending to perform wrestling moves on his opponent when they got face-to-face for the photo op.


Iron Solomon & Daylyt


There was clear respect between these two emcees, but also a sense that they had no idea what to expect from their opponent on Saturday.

“I’m a fan. I like what he does. I like the antics and the lyricism. I think there’s some social-cultural commentary behind the antics that I appreciate," Solomon said.

Pat Stay & Illmaculate


Both champion Pat Stay and contender Illmaculate oozed confidence on the stage talking about their title match. They showed each other respect throughout and kept their cards close to their chest about their tactics.

“As far as the chain, to be honest, in my mind, I’ve already won,” Illmaculate said.


And More...


Pass, Soul and Charron all took to the podium solo for a Q&A with the audience, but Kid Twist definitely had solo performance of the night, cracking jokes and making up for the absence of usual press conference prince, his opponent, Rone.

The KOTD staff also got up and thanked the audience for their support this weekend and over the last seven years.


Here are the full videos:

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