Daylyt Explains Significance Of Iron Solomon Match-Up

"Even though Solomon lost to him, I still place him in a category with Mook," Daylyt tells Don't Flop champion Soul.

Ahead of his battle with returning legend Iron Solomon, Daylyt spoke with Soul and's Chris Mitchell at the hotel about the match-up, the Rone battle, his antics and a ton more.

According to Daylyt, Solomon wants to battle him because he understands the value of Daylyt's approach with not taking wins and losses so seriously. Daylyt says: “Fuck street cred,” and is, as always, a strong advocate for focusing on entertainment instead. He says he’ll do pretty much anything to perpetuate a situation, but that he’s still smart enough to bail when he needs to (like when he was faced with Rone’s Abraham Lincoln costume).

He also touches on a potential Loaded Lux battle, saying, “We’ve offered Lux two substantial amounts and he’s turned them down.” Now, he’s “starstruck” to battle Solomon, and he says it’s a “dream come true” to battle someone he considers one of battle rap’s forefathers.

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