Live Updates From KOTD's "World Domination 5" (Part 3)

What people were saying during Iron Solomon vs. Daylyt, The Saurus vs. Deffinition and a wild antic from Dizaster against Sketch Menace.

Here we go again! After a successful (though long) night at Toronto's Mod Club for Day 1 of "World Domination 5," we're back again for the continuation of one of the biggest cards of the year. Perched at the top of the flyer is the title match between champion Pat Stay and challenger Illmaculate, as well as the return of NYC legend Iron Solomon facing the ever-unpredictable Daylyt.

Here's the full card:

  • Pat Stay vs. Illmaculate
  • Daylyt vs. Iron Solomon
  • Pass vs. Chilla Jones
  • Real Deal vs. Head I.C.E
  • Deffinition vs. The Saurus
  • Quake Matthews vs. Lexx Luthor

Dizaster, dressed as Eurgh, battled Sketch Menace.

Unfortunately, DNA vs. 100 Bulletz has been cancelled due to DNA's passport issues.

We'll be in the building doing live updates and interviews, and's Editor-in-Chief Chris Mitchell will be co-hosting the pay-per-view with Dirtbag Dan. Buy it here.

Quake Matthews vs. Lexx Luthor

The post-battle poll gave this one to Lexx Luthor. It was going well for Quake until a choke in the third round.

Dizasteurgh vs. Sketch Menace

With the match-up cancelled, Dizaster played the role of Eurgh.

The poll had Dizasteurgh taking this battle, but in reality it was just six rounds ripping Eurgh. Sketch's material was more serious, while Dizasteurgh focused more on calling himself a "faggot."

Deffinition vs. The Saurus

This was battle of the night so far, with the post-battle poll favoring Saurus by a very small margin.

Iron Solomon vs. Daylyt

This battle was absolutely incredible, and the post-battle poll was ridiculously close with a slight edge to Iron Solomon.

For updates from the rest of Day 2, check out Part 4 of our live updates.