Illmaculate Beats Pat Stay To Become New KOTD Champ

The Portland battle veteran snatched the chain from Pat Stay in a thrilling split-decision title bout.

Ladies and gentleman, for the first time in nearly two years, King Of The Dot has a new champion.

The close of Day 2's proceedings at "World Domination 5" in Toronto on Aug. 22 saw Pat Stay lose in his fourth title defense to West Coast veteran Illmac in a 3-2 nail-biter of a decision. Judges J-Pro, Soul and Jay Smooth went for Illmac, while Poison Pen and Knamelis sided with Pat.

The now-former champion remained humble about losing the chain after his phenomenal streak.

And Illmac showed his new gains to the world on his own feed.

The PPV poll had the battle going to Illmaculate, and Twitter was quick to respond to the news.

We'll have a full review of the battle on the site soon, but for now check out our live updates for a play-by-play of the battle.

Or watch the battle yourself on KOTD's pay-per-view.

Cover photo by @Shot_By_Dom for KOTD.

Do you think Illmac is a worthy champ? Who would you like to see step up for the next change? Let us know in the comments below.