The Best Of Battle Rap Twitter (Sept. 22-Oct. 3)

The best rants, jokes and trash talk from around the battle rap world.

The battle rap conversation on Twitter never stops. To make it easier for you to track what's happening, sifts through all the chatter to find the most compelling 140-character outbursts.

We're going back two weeks on this one because we were too busy collecting "Summer Madness 5" tweets to do a separate article last week. In this edition, KOTD adds some incentives to “Back To Baysics 3” and Hollow Da Don spars with Murda Mook.

But first, former Don’t Flop champion Tony D reveals his pick for the best North American battle rappers.

Absent from that list is Tony's next opponent, Chilla Jones.

The Saurus isn’t about teaming up with Illmaculate to battle DNA and K-Shine.

Charlie Clips clowns Loaded Lux in light of their recent clash at URL’s “Summer Madness 5.”

Pat Stay receives some praise from Action Bronson.

Shotty Horroh says that his final battle ever is against Charlie Clips in London next month.

Joe Budden weighs in on Loaded Lux vs. Charlie Clips.

Charron looked forward to Dizaster and Gjonaj’s clash at King Of The Dot’s “Back To Baysics 3” on Oct. 24.

KOTD have put in place added incentives for battlers to turn up the performances at B2B3.

Hollow Da Don traded jabs with Murda Mook.

Photo by Christian Andrabado. Follow him here.

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