Gjonaj Challenges Psycoses To $10,000 Battle

Psycoses accepts the big money callout.

How do you follow up a league debut against one of the most famous battlers of all time, one that left people making memes about how badly you'd been beaten? How about by challenging one of the most popular up-and-comers to a $10,000 battle?

Gjonaj did just that in a post on KOTD's TalkBack Facebook group.


Many KOTD fans (and battlers) were already calling for the match-up, considering that the two are considered among the most impressive breakout battlers of 2015, but a $10,000 prize would raise the stakes even more.

The next obvious card for such a bout would be KOTD's "Blackout 6," but with the secret nature of the event's match-ups, Organik basically scuttled the idea, at least publicly.


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