Live Updates From Shotty Horroh vs. Charlie Clips (7BW Part 3)

Play-by-play from the main event at Don't Flop's "7th Birthday Weekend" in London.

This was a big match-up so we've split it into its own article. Check out the rest of the updates from the first day of the event in Parts 1 and 2.

Charlie Clips vs. Shotty Horroh

Clips second round seemed to hinge on getting DNA, Chilla Jones and Cortez to help deliver lines to Shotty. With the raised platform, it was difficult for them to get up and when they did, Shotty's entourage seemed to think he was getting rushed and got behind him. There was some tension and security had to get involved to clear the ring. Everything got sorted out without any real physicality but the confusion did ruin Clips' second and he was never really able to get the concept out.

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